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How To Reduce Electricity Bill? 25 Super Tips

How To Reduce Electricity Bill in Pakistan? Twenty Five Golden Tips
Our world is facing an energy crisis. Its our moral duty to conserve energy. We are going to share 25 super tips about how to reduce electricity bill in this post. Energy conservation is the best tip for reducing your electricity bill. Tips given below are basically related to best methods of energy conservation. Read these tips about how to reduce electricity bill carefully and try to follow the given instructions. These tips are specially helpful for people of Pakistan.

How To Reduce Electricity Bill? 25 Super Tips

How To Reduce Electricity Bill? 25 Super Tips

1-Replace your tube lights and bulbs with energy saver bulbs. Remember that all cheap energy savers consume more energy so always buy energy savers from good brand. Good brands also give guarantee of one year.

2-Replace your heavy old fans with the light weight fans.

3-Avoid using electric heaters and water heaters in winter season.

4-Plug off your UPS whenever you out of the home for more than two days.

5-Set the thermostat of your AC at 26 in summer season.

6-Don’t use heavy electric devices during the peak hours.

7-Use solar UPS instead of electric UPS.

8-In Pakistan you can not use domestic gas for generating electricity but you may use NLG and natural gas cylinders for running the gas generators.

9-Now a days gas irons are also available in the market, you must prefer them on normal electric iron.

10-Always buy energy efficient electric products.

11-Try to use solar energy products.

12-All families living in a house must have their separate electricity meters, as unfortunately in Pakistan higher tariff is applied on major energy users.

13-In winter try to sleep at the roof of your house with just one or two pedestal fans, Natural air will give your more comfort than the cooling of fans in cemented rooms.

14-Try to utilize the natural light as much as you can.

15-Build airy rooms with wide windows.

16-Use just one TV and refrigerator in the home. On Tv in the home will be helpful for keeping your family united.

17-Never leave your TV or any other electric device on stand by option.

18-Never leave the charger of mobile in the electric socket.

19-Change the wiring of your house and use 100% cooper wiring.
Insulation of the house is the best way to conserve the energy so insulate your home with proper material.

20-Use gas oven rather than microwave oven.

21-Electric cattle and toaster can increase your electricity bill, so avoid using them.

22-Use laptops instead of desktop computers to reduce your electricity bill.

23-Fill the dishwasher and washing machine before using them. Don’t use these machines in the peak hours.

24-Try to sleep immediately after the Isha prayer and get up early in the morning before the Fajar prayer

25-Follow the directions given at the back of your electricity bill.

We are sure that you will follow the above given golden tips about how reduce electricity bill. Try to visit and its facebook page for reading tips about energy conservation.

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