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How To Reduce Exam Stress? Stress Management Tips

Golden Tips About Stress Management For Students 
Today we shall share stress management tips about how to reduce exam stress. You can easily reduce the exam stress by following the instructions given in this article. There are many causes of exam stress and we shall discuss them and their solution on by one.

Majority of students fail in exam due to their laziness. After getting good marks in any board exam, large number of students become the victim of superiority complex. They think that they are genius and can prepare the exam easily within last three months. Due to burden of work such students become the victim of exam stress in the end of their semester. Toppers should understand that they can not get good marks on the basis of their hard work of last year. Many students are working hard to defeat you guys. Even you people will have to work more hard to sustain your position in the next class. You can not complete the work of one year in 2 or three months. Biology students know that survival of fittest rule applies in our universe.

How To Reduce Exam Stress? Stress Management Tips

How To Reduce Exam Stress? Stress Management Tips


You must learn the time management and stress management to reduce the exam stress. Make a practicable time table for this purpose. Never put the today’s work on tomorrow. We have written a detailed article on time management, you must read it for further guidance.

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Many students are patients of inferiority complex. In spite of good exam preparation such students do not have confidence on their-selves. Its the most dangerous kind of exam stress as it brings you in losing state of mind. You must always remain in winning state of mind as anxiety and depression are the worst enemies of human beings. You can not give your 100% in depression. Their are many psychological exercises through which you can overcome exam stress. We repeat them again and gain due to ignorance of our students.

Remember that over subconscious mind controls our mind and actions. We need to program it for getting confidence. There are two easy stress management techniques available for this purpose i.e auto suggestion and visualization.

Auto suggestion means that you should say it daily with full confidence and faith in Almighty Allah “By the grace of Almighty Allah I am improving in all respects day by day”. It is a general self suggestion. You may amend it as per your immediate goal like “I can attempt any exam very easily without any stress”. You must do this stress management exercise in a calm atmosphere twice in a day at least for 10 minutes.

Visualization is also a very easy mind and stress management exercise. You should view yourself on the position, where you want to reach at least twice in a day. For example view yourself in exam center attempting the papers in full confidence. Try to do both these exercises once in early in the morning and once before going to bed. In fact our subconscious mind has great powers. It can create that thing about which you will give it suggestions. You just have confidence on your suggestions and dreams about your future. I am feeling that still majority of my visitors could not understand both these stree management techniques. That’s why we are soon going to explain both these stress management techniques with details in Urdu, so stay in touch with and its facebook page for guidance about stress management techniques.