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How To Select Best College After Matriculation or O-Level

How To Chose Best College After Matriculation
Government are not in the position to admit all the students in government colleges after matriculation due to limited available seats, that’s why every year thousands of students have to get admission in private colleges. These institutes claim that their students get position in board exams every year that’s why many students get admission inĀ  these private colleges, in spite of getting good marks in matric and O-Level. In fact its a misconception in students as these private colleges are attracting position holder students by offering them different incentives (like cars, motor bikes and scholarships) and when these students get position in intermediate exam these private colleges use their names for advertisement of their institutes. Its a marketing technique and these institutes are using this technique very successfully.

Government colleges have started evening classes too. Your first choice should be government college of your area as all the lecturers of government colleges are selected by public service commission whereas private colleges select the lecturers from remaining candidates who could not clear the public service commission exams. If you fail to get admission in first shift of government college then you must try for second shift.

How To Select Best College After Matriculation or O-LevelHow To Select Best College After Matriculation or O-Level

Many private colleges like superior college and Punjab group of colleges have offered half fee in their second shifts. If you can not afford fees of private colleges then you can get admission in their second shifts.

One thing is very obvious that getting higher grade in board exams largely depends upon your personal hard work. Even many students of top rated government colleges also fail every year in exam. These private colleges also offer entry test preparation classes. If their standard of education is so high then why their students take admission in these classes. In fact education has become a business in Pakistan and government has failed to increase seats in government colleges and education mafia is taking benefit of this situation. I admit that students of both private and government colleges have to take tuition or extra coaching but this thing also shows two facts that main factor of getting higher grades in board exams is your personal hard work and secondly incompetent teachers are found both in private and public colleges. So remember that if you have and urge to study then you can get good marks while studying in any college.

But try to save the money of your parents by avoiding private colleges as all their results are artificial. But if you can not get admission in any government college then too you will have to work hard for showing good results as privates colleges have no magic lamp through which you can change your fate. We have written three comprehensive articles about private, government and cadet colleges selection guide after matriculation and O-Level. You must read these articles. Also read our articles how to get A+ grade in board exams, how to get maximum marks in a science practicals, F.Sc Pre Medical career & scope and career options for arts student after matric and O-Level. Stay in touch with us if you want to read something very useful daily like how to select best college after matriculation or O-Level

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