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How To Select The Best University For You?

How To Find The Best University For You? Super Tips
University selection is an important decision in your academic career. Many students do not know that how to find the right university for them. In this post we shall try to guide you about university selection. You need to consider many factors at the time of university selection.

First of all check the current ranking of university specially its ranking in your desired discipline. Many fake organizations sell ranking and awards to substandard universities, so always trust on the ranking issued by government or any renowned organization. Past 5 years results of university can show you the real picture about the standard of the university.

Scholarship & Internship Facilities
If you have good academic record then try to find out the university which may offer you merit based scholarships. Middle class students should not emphasize to get admission in private universities if they are are not offering need base scholarships. Your academic achievements are more valuable then your institution so try to concentrate on your studies more.

Last Year Merit
Do not waste time and money on applying in such universities whose last year merit is much above than your marks obtained. So first check the last year merit of any discipline of a university and then apply.

How To

How To Select The Best University For You?

Entry Test
Almost all the universities take internal entry tests. Some universities demand GMAT, SAT, GRE, GAT General, GAT Subject or any other external standardized test. You must know about the tests which are required for different universities. After selection of course, you must make a list of top 10 universities which are offering your desired course then after short listing apply in 4 to 5 universities considering all the factors described on this page. Prepare your self for the required university entry test well before applying.

How To Clear University Entry Test

Fee Structure
It is also one of the most important factor for majority of students. Usually public university demands very low fee but if you have good academic record then you may apply for scholarship in a more reputed private university of your area.

Boarders should also check the hostel dues as in many universities accommodation will cost you more than the tuition fee. Check the provided facilities in hostel. There must be a gym playing area, internet facility, library, common room, washing facility etc.

Faculty of university must consist of maximum number of PhD and renowned professors. Especially note that in your desired discipline how many Phd professors are available. Remember that there is a hell of difference between visiting and regular faculty.
Never take admission in a subject which don’t suit to your aptitude just for craze of getting admission in a renowned university. This decision can destroy your whole career. One should always chose of subject of his/her interest. Please avoid this fatal mistake.

University should have the following facilities
Free internet facility
Fully equipped science labs
Career counseling
Play grounds
Extra curricular facilities
Affordable transport facility
Power back up
Book shop
Reference library
Online facilities
Clubs and societies
Credit transfer facility

Employability Ratio
You can not even think to ignore this point. Immediately after completing your higher studies, you will have to search a job. So employability ratio of the ex students of your selected university must be excellent. There should be a employment bureau to inform students about latest job opportunities in their field. Employability ratio shows the repute of graduates of any university in the job market.

Prospectus of almost all universities are available on their website. Download and read them thoroughly for taking a wise decision about your future. Look at the course content and check that how will you been examined. Make sure that university is offering you a more specific course which suits your interests. Visit the university personally for having a first hand knowledge about the atmosphere and facilities. Talk to current students and get their opinion about the standard of the institution. Compare the key features of top 5 five universities for taking the right decision. Visit the best educational website on internet for guidance about your career. Wish you best of luck.