How To Survive During Coronavirus Lockdown? Top 20 Tips & Guidelines

How To Face The Lockdown Due To Corona Virus? Top 20 Tips & Guide
Corona virus has become the cause of world wide lockdown. Its very hard to survive during the lockdown. In some countries government has imposed partial lockdown while complete lock down is also being witnessed by the most effected countries of this epidemic. In this post we are going to share some useful tips on how to survive during the coronavirus lockdown.


Shopping Guide For Tackling Coronavirus Lockdown-Checklist of Food Items
2-Frozen chicken, beef & meat
3-Potatoes, Onion, Garlic, Chilies etc
4-Cooking oil
6-Spices & salt
8-Powdered milk



Top Twenty Tips For Survival in Coronavirus Lockdown

1-First of all you need to be relax mentally during this crisis situation. A person can handle any situation with the cool mind, so don’t be panic. Prepare your family members for facing this emergency condition.


2-You should fill the tank of your car and bike. Buy some extra petrol in bottle too for emergency use and for generator.

3-Your bicycle should be in working condition, so’that you may ride on it in case of any possible shortage of petrol.


4-Lockdown in China continued for about 3 months. For fighting against any possible load shedding you should have emergency light or solar panel. Poor people should buy some candles.


5-Although medical stores remain open during lockdown, still shortage of necessary medicines is being seen in different countries due to panic buying, so try to get some general medicines too like pain killer, panadol, antibiotic, vitamin c, etc.



How To

How To Survive During Coronavirus Lockdown? Top 20 Tips & Guidelines



6-You must have at least one month stock of dish washing soaps and washing powder.


7-Fill your LNG/CNG cylinder so’that it may be used in case of non availability of cooking gas (sui gas) in your kitchen. Those who can afford should buy an electric stove.


8-Your microwave oven and refrigerator should be working condition.



9-Buy some extra balance for your mobile phone rather during lockdown you should use super card.


10-Pay your utility bills online for avoiding direct contact with general people.



11-You should start internet banking or use ATM facility. Try to avail the online shopping facility rather than going to markets.


12-Buy some books or digests for old age people of your homes so that they may not become bored.


13-Say your prayers regularly and recite the holy Quran daily specially surah e Rehman by Qari Basit.


14-Muslims should go on fasting too.


15-Store water as well.



16-Exercise will keep you fit and tension free during coronavirus lockdown.


17-Vitamin C is helpful in fighting against corona virus, so either buy its supplement or buy lemons, oranges etc.


18-Pay internet and cable bill advance at least for 2 months.


19-Avoid smoking and intake of alcohol during the lockdown era.


20-Use hand sanitizer daily. Those who can not buy sanitizer can use any antiseptic soap like , detol soap, safeguard or lifebuoy.



Instructions For Patients
Patients should buy one month stock of their regular medicines. They should also consult their doctor before the implementation of lockdown. Get cell number and email ID of your family doctor, so that you may be able to contact him while staying at home. Also get the contact numbers of all rescue services. Governments in different countries are also providing the helpline numbers of government doctors, so that due to coronavirus lockdown people me consult the doctors from their homes. Now homeopathic doctor have also started online consultation services like



Instructions For Old Age People
Old age people should strictly follow the lockdwon. Senior citizens are very easy victims of coronavirus, so they should not go outside the home in any case. Eat healthy and balanced food like milk, fruits, meat, vegetables and egg.



Instructions For Students
Large number of educational institutes have launched online classes for students during the lockdown due to coronavirus. Students should join these online classes by their respective institute. They may also watch lectures of almost all classes free of cost on Try to cover your maximum syllabus at home during these days. Make masks and sanitizers at home for your whole family. Take the help of youtube videos for this purpose.



Instructions For Pregnant Women
Pregnant ladies should continue to visit their lady doctor even during the coronavirus lockdown. They should also take recommended food supplements.


Instructions For Children
You should given some extra time to children during these holidays. Make proper time table for them. Buy extra pampers, candies and powdered milk for kids.


Instructions For Pets
Never mingle with your pets in these days as still its not clear that which animal was the main cause of coronavirus spread in China.


How To Get Free Food Items During The Coronavirus Lockdown?
If you need free food items during this period then contact Akhuwat Pakistan. Link has been given below, soon we shall also share the official helpline number by government of Pakistan.



Free Food & Lab Test For Coronavirus Patients in Pakistan by Akhuwat-Helpline


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