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How To Teach The Students of O-Level & A-Level? Top Ten Tips

Top Ten Tips For Teachers of O-Level & A-Level-Complete Teacher Guide
Majority of local teachers thinks that its a very hard task to teach the students of O-Level & A-Level. Its a wrong perception as there is nothing difficult in the syllabus of O-Level & A-Level. No other Common Wealth country is now preferring O-Level & A-Level over local matriculation and intermediate. We are still mentally slave of West that’s why not only our students, but also our teachers still feel that O-Level and A-Level are difficult and better than our local classes and syllabus. Today we shall discuss top ten tips about how to teach the students of O-Level & A-Level in Pakistan.

How To Teach The Students of O-Level & A-Level? Top Ten Tips


How To Teach The Students of O-Level & A-Level? Top Ten Tips

1-You will have to clear your own concepts first to teach the students of O-Level & A-Level.

2-There is no short cut for clearing the Cambridge exams, so try to cover the whole syllabus.

3-Old papers and even sample papers can not help you to guess the expected questions in the upcoming exam, so you have just one option to teach your students the whole syllabus.

4-O-Level and A-Level students have good background in English and majority of them can understand the lectures in English only, so you will have to improve your general English speaking ability.

5-You will have to study the original sources to reply the questions of the students.

6-Fortunately now local text book boards have updated their syllabus books as per the international standard. You may clear your own concepts while studying these Urdu books.

7-Activity and experiments based learning teaching will help you in guiding the students. Its an art which makes learning easy even for academically weak students.

8-There is nothing special and extraordinary in syllabus of O-Level and A-Level, when i was student of FSc Pre Medical part 1, i used to teach the son of IG Punjab Police (Ahmad Naseem), who was then a student of O-Level. Just due to my conceptual clearance i feel no difficulty in this task. Law of science are universal, same laws and taught in Matric and FSc too. Our teacher feel difficulty in teaching the students of O-Level & A-Level jut due to their inferiority complex. Same is the case with arts subjects, Neither Ghalib has written any special poetry for Cambridge students nor Keats. History of world is also same. Rules of Civics, Political Science, Economics, Psychology are same all over the world.

9-Only a confident teacher can boost the confidence of his students and can help them to explore their hidden talent, so better preparation of lectures is necessary for you.

10-Make notes for yourself for future reference but never recommend them to students. Let them write the answers of all question in their own words. Try to improve their creative writing skills.

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