How To Utilize Past Papers For Success in All Exams & Classes? Tips & Tricks

How To Use Past Papers of 8th, 9th, 10th, O level, A level,  FSC, FA, I.COM, ICS, BCS, BA, BSC, B.COM, ACCA, FPSC, MBA, PCS, PMS, MA, MSC, LLB, M.COM & CSS

Past papers help you a lot in preparing any subject. Paper setters also consult past papers while preparing the papers. You can buy past papers of almost all classes and all subjects from the market. You can also down load them from net. Now the question arises how to utilize past papers for better preparation of  8th, 9th, 10th, O level, A level,  FSC, FA, ICOM, ICS, BCS, BA, BSC, BCOM, ACCA, FPSC, MBA, PCS, PMS, MA, MSC, LLB, M.COM, CSS  and all other exams . In this article we shall try to guide you in this regard.

First try to get as many past papers of all the subjects as you can, then select important questions from them. You can read our article how to make your own guess paper for proper guidance in this regard. First try to focus on the questions which are being repeated in maximum past papers then follow the descending order. In the last even prepare those questions which were never repeated. This rule is mostly applied on subjective part.

How To Utilize Past Papers

How To Utilize Past Papers For Success in All Exams & Classes? Tips & Tricks

How to Prepare Objective Questions

For objective question try to prepare all the objective questions. But here also start from objective questions of past papers then prepare the questions given in the exercise of chapters at the end of the each chapter. As a last step prepare other objective questions. If you closely analyze, you will find that even majority of objective questions are also taken from past papers. Solved past papers are also available in market but standard of answers given in these solved past papers is not up to the mark. So avoid solved past paper as its better for you to consult your text books for the solutions.

Practice Tests
Past papers are the best resource for practice tests. If you join some academy for practice session, they will also provide you sample papers which are derived from past papers. You can check the objective part of your paper yourself as far as subjective part is concerned, you can consult your teachers or parents. Start from the second recent paper and solve the all the available past papers. At the last also solve the last year past paper as some paper setter chooses one or more questions from the last year paper to surprise the students.


Always try solve a past paper within the given limits of time rather you should complete it at least 10 to 15 minutes before the allocated time so that you will be able to recheck your paper. Take these demo tests as real papers and solve them in good hand writing. After each demo test analyze your mistakes and try to remove them in the next attempt. I have written in some of my past articles that past papers are much better resource for preparation of exams than model papers, which were introduced for just money making purpose. We shall soon write a detail article on this mala fide activity of book sellers and book publishers.

Always take this thing in mind that the preparation of the whole text book should be your ultimate goal. Consult the past papers only near the examination or for preparing the important questions first. Yes, you can prepare the whole book, it is possible if you clear your basic concepts about each topic. Don’t become a copy cat try to understand the concept of each topic and write it in your own words. I assure you this practice will increase your creative writing skill and you will get more marks in exams than before. Feel free for asking any question to our team of experts.

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