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How To Write a CV? Top Ten Resume Writing Tips in Urdu & English

How To Write a CV or Resume? Top 10 CV Writing Tips in Urdu & English
It is your important task and job that before you apply for any job, you have to make a professional CV. If your CV and this resume of yours will look childish then your chances of selection will become zero. Here we have collected for the readers these top ten resume writing tips and tricks which are about how to write a CV, do follow them up and create an attractive CV for any of the job post:

How To Write a CV? To 10 Resume Writing Tips

1. Adding Personal Information
The first important point which you have to keep in your mind, it is your personal information data. You have to mention the correct data and sources so that the company can contact you later, add and mention your activated mobile phone number and email address, mention your correct home address.

2. Stating Your Mission
On the top part of your CV, you have to state your mission line, you need to tell your objective and the reason that why you are applying in this company in just two to three lines. These lines have to be strong and impressive.

3. Do Paste Your Picture on Your CV
Then it is important for you to attach your picture on the CV, it will leave the professional impression. This picture should not be a selfie picture and it should not be a candid picture too, paste the professional picture on your resume.

4. Add Your Educational Information
Then adding the educational information on your CV, it is another important requirement. Start from your school then end this academic information to your university academic line. Mention the complete name of your institution, it is also important to mention your academic years and if you have good grades in your academic life, you can mention that too.

5. Add Your Professional Work Experience
Then there is a requirement for you to add your work experience, you can start these details from the internship part. Do mention all details and info of your work experience.

6. List Down Your Achievements
Then listing down your achievements, it is important too, this is a simple way to convince the company that you are suitable candidate for this job.

7. Mention Your Skills
You also have to mention your skills, like if you have MS skills or you know how to use Adobe photoshop or you know the use of SPSS, then mention these things in your resume.

8. Add References If Required
If the company demands from you any of the references, then you can mention this single line on your CV that they will be furbished on demand.

9. Mention About Your Certifications
You need to mention and write about your certifications too, all of them are important requirements because they will make you a strong candidate.

10. Keep Your CV Up To Two Pages
You have to keep you CV document up to two pages only, just keep it in the limited form and make it more impressive.

If you want to share any of the CV writing tips with us on this page, then feel free to do that. Now read our following articles and Urdu post on how to write a CV.

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How To Write a CV? Top Ten Resume Writing Tips in Urdu & English

How To Write a CV? Top Ten Resume Writing Tips in Urdu & English