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How To Write a Summary of Any Kind? Super Tips

How To Write a Summary in English A or B Paper? Golden Tips
Summary writing is an essential part of English A and B papers in Pakistan. Students are asked to write summary of any story, essay or poem of their syllabus in English A paper, while in English B paper they have to write the summary of given paragraph. This question is also asked in competitive exams. You will have to improve your creative writing skills, English grammar and vocabulary for mastering the art of  summarizations. Your common sense and IQ will help you in making a list of key points of any article or paragraph. Practice and only practice can make you perfect in the art of writing summary.  This art will help you a lot in your practical life too as executive summary writing skills are required in all kinds of jobs. Today we shall  guide you about how to write a summary of any kind with some super tips.

How To Write a Summary of Any Kind? Super Tips

How To Write a Summary of Any Kind? Super Tips

How To Write a Summary of Story, Poem, Drama, Essay or Novel?
1-You must read all the stories and novels, poems, novels and essays of your syllabus from A to Z. Try to understand the main theme/message of the poem or prose. Note the important highlights on a paper. Read the article at least for 2 times before writing its summary. Now make a rough outline of your summary. Start writing summary in your own words but never include your opinion or interpretation in it. Include the name of article and author in first or second sentence. You may also provide the information about the author and articles in 3 to 4 lines.

2-Avoid narrating unnecessary details.

3-There is no use of using difficult words or /idioms/phrases in the summary.

4-Grammatical mistakes are not allowed at all,so try to improve your grammatical skills.

5-Generally ideal length of summary is considered 1/3 of the original article but for the essays, short stories, essays and novels of your syllabus book, you must write the summary within the recommended limit by your board or university.

5-Never copy sentences from original text. If it is necessary to write any statement from original text, then write it in the quotation marks.

6-Compare your writing with the original text. Add necessary items and exclude unnecessary details.

7-Rewrite the final draft but never learn by heart it. Just write key points in your notes.

8-In case of very long novel ,you should read its summaries from more than one books before writing summary in your own words. You may also read the Urdu translation of the novel for getting idea about the theme of novel.

9-Kiss- Keep it simple stupid.

How To Write a Summary of a Given Paragraph?
1-Read the paragraph to be summarized and try to understand the meaning of each and every sentence.

2-Make the list of major points.

3-Write the first draft of summary on rough paper.

4-You should not look at the original paragraph while writing the first draft.

5-Never use lines from paragraph.

6-Now write the final draft by omitting unnecessary details and including the remaining important points.

7-If you cannot understand the meaning of any sentence then skip it in the summary.

8-Intelligent students can also make some general sentences for each type of summary. We shall also soon share some general sentences with you for all kinds of summaries. Executive summary is just like report writing and we shall write a detailed article on it soon, so stay in touch with and its facebook page for more guidance about summary writing skills.
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