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How To Write Assignments of Distance Learning Universities Like AIOU & VU? Tips 2023

15 Assignment Writing Super Tips For Distance Learning Students  
It is mandatory for all students of all distance learning universities to submit their assignments as per given schedule. Special marks are allocated for assignments. In this article we shall share 15 super tips with you about how to write a assignment.


1-You can not get good marks in assignments copied from text book. Text book is just your basic resource from where you should try to understand the concepts of your subject.


2-You should write the assignments in your own words. On the basis of their vast experience examiners can easily guess that you have written the assignments in your own words or not.


3-Do some research about the topic before writing your assignment for making your work unique and original. You can give the references of famous authors. Read the books of famous scholars and take your notes for reference, Visit the library of your distance learning university daily for this purpose. You may also get the help of internet.


4-Handwriting is also an important factor as it creates the first impression, so write your assignment in good hand writing.


5-Being a MSc student of AIOU, i have noticed that assignment questions are just like guess papers. In all may papers 2 to 3 and some times even 4 questions were taken from assignment questions, so prepare these questions very carefully.



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How To Write Assignments of Distance Learning Universities Like AIOU & VU? Tips 2023


6-Provide bibliography at the end of each question or complete assignment. Its a special tip for those who want to get A+ grade.


7-Length of each question should be reasonable. Neither you are writing a book nor a short paragraph.


8-Presentation is also very important factor. Emphasize on this factor too.


9-Now solved assignments are also available in market but we will not recommend you to go for this option. I provided my last semester notes to my junior student and i was surprised to receive a warning letter from my tutor for sharing my notes with juniors. It shows that how sharply assignments are checked in AIOU and VU. Then how it is possible that you can get good marks by submitting a identical with the assignments of many other students. So never adopt this option.


10-Your relations with your tutor should be very good as it is a drawback of semester system that a student, who is not in good books of tutor can not get good marks.


11-There is no harm in getting ideas from solved assignments and notes of senior students but again i will advice you to write your assignment in your own words.


12-Get the list of reference books from your tutor and do read them.


13-Never ignore the out of assignment questions as i have explained earlier that about 2 to 3 questions are taken in paper from assignment questions. These questions are helpful just for getting passing marks and as all of you know that distance learning students are not preferred in the job market, so prepare the whole syllabus for getting maximum marks. It will increase the employ-ability chances for you.


14- Prepare the text book completely specially the questions given at the end of each chapter or topic.


15-Follow the instructions given in the text book and provided by your tutor and last but not least AIOU and VU students should visit us frequently for latest tips about exam preparation. Do visit and like our facebook page too as it is also unique, entertaining and informative page. is your best online friend and guide so never hesitate in asking the questions about your individual problems.