How Your Subconscious Mind Work? Secrets of Success

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In this article we shall try to make you understand that how your subconscious mind work. Your subconscious mind is just like a super computer but just like all other computers it works as per the instructions which we feed in them. It does not rest even for a second even we sleep it keeps on working. Whenever you feel difficulty in finding the solution of any problem, handover that specific issue to your subconscious mind. It will keep on pondering and suddenly you will get the solution of your problem.

Your subconscious mind has some strange powers. It can do wonders for you. There is just need of train it. Yes, its very easy to train you subconscious mind. There are two methods of training it i.e auto suggestions and visualization.

Self Help

How Your Subconscious Mind Work ? Secrets of Success

Auto Suggestion or self suggestion is a sure shot way of success in life. You should give your subconscious mind auto suggestions about your wishes in life. For example if your are poor then give auto suggestion to you mind daily at least ten minutes in morning and ten minutes in evening that your are becoming rich day by day. If you are slow learner then give auto suggestion that you are becoming intelligent with each passing day. Muslims should use the word Inshaa Allah (By the grace of Almighty Allah) before your self suggestion sentence. Generally one should say daily that he is improving in all fields of life. Emile Coue was a French psychologists, who tried to introduce the world with the power of self suggestion. Read his book Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion for further details. Self-Hypnosis is a reality try it and experience its miracles. In Pakistan Mr Qamar Iqab Sufi has worked on this subject a lot.

Have you ever think about the science before Meditation? Power of visualization is used in Yoga and meditation. We can train our subconscious mind by visualizing of success. Visualize your self on the position where you want to reach at least for ten minutes twice a day. Your subconscious mind believes on what you show it and starts working in this direction. But you should visualize any scene with firm belief. If you will have doubt about it, there will be no use of this exercise. Visualize your progress gradually, i mean to say first visualize your self to be a rich person then after achieving this goal visualize that you have become a millionaire.

Recognize your self worth and you should have firm belief that you can do anything. Your firm belief will affect your subconscious mind and it will remove all hurdles in your success. Human mind can face any situation and can find the solution of any problem, there is just need of giving it confidence, So never think that you are inferior to anybody or any task is impossible for you to achieve. You are son of centuries and can do any thing, just believe on your this wonderful ability. Read our self help articles for further guidance.

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