IELTS Test Guide For Pakistani Students & Tips



IELTS is most popular English language test for the people whose first language is not English and who want to get immigration, work permit or study visa of any English speaking country such as UK, Australia or New Zealand. Many other countries have also made it compulsory to pass IELTS for getting admission in their educational institutes.

Test is conducted in more than 130 countries through about 1k centers. It comprises of 4 modules, writing (60 minutes), listening (30 minutes), speaking (10 to 15 minutes) and reading (60 minutes). The total duration of IELTS exam is 2 hours and 45 minutes. Reading, writing and listening tests are taken on the same day but the speaking module may be taken up to a week before or after the other tests. It may also be taken with other tests according to the situation.


IELTS Test Guide For Pakistani Students & Tips

IELTS has two different versions-academic and general. Academic test is for those who want to study in any English speaking country and general test is for those people who want to get a job, work permit or immigration of any English speaking country. Over 8000 organizations and 135 countries recognize this test word wide. There is no any difference in listening and speaking module for both type of tests but writing and reading modules are different for each version.

Important Information

IELTS uses point scoring system to judge the ability of candidates. candidates are given score for listening, writing, speaking and reading skills along with over all band score. Candidates receive their test report within two weeks. Your IELTS test score is considered valid for two years only.

There is no pass or fail system in this test. Every institute or organization decide that how much band they require for any specific purpose. For migration or post graduate studies one must have above 7 bands but it still may vary according to policies of different organizations or institutes. Private sector colleges may accept 4.5 bands too. On the other hand the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University demands 8.5 bands.



Nine bands are described as follows:
9 -Expert User .
8 -Very Good User
7 -Good User
6 -Competent User.
5 -Modest user
4 -Limited User .
3 -Extremely Limited User
2 -Intermittent User
1 -Non User
0 -Did not attempt the test

IELTS in Pakistan
Cambridge English Language Assessment, British Council, IDP Education are the developers or administrators of IELTS test. Test is offered on multiple times a year depending on local demand. At present fee for IELTS is 10000 (AEO) PKR and 8220 PKR (British council) in Pakistan. Lahore,Karachi and Islamabad are centers for test in Pakistan.

You must try to register for IELTS test at least two months before your chosen test date as later on you may find difficulty in finding a seat. You can also apply for remarking of your test if you are not satisfied with your bands. Last but not least i want to make it clear to you guys that IELTS is not a difficult test at all. An average Pakistani graduate can easily get 6 bands with a little practice. So be confident and do not think that it is an impossible task.But never forget your country after flying from it. Stay blessed always.

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