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ILMA University Admission 2024, Program, Form, Last Date

ILMA University IBT Karachi Admission 2024

If you want to take admission in ILMA University then note down that this university has now opened the proceedings of their admission phase. This university is chartered by the government of Sindh and it is also recognized by this HEC Higher education commission of Pakistan. So far their undergraduate degree programs have opened this phase. So if you have completed your intermediate studies, or if you have finished with yours A-levels education then here is this university for you which is giving you this opportunity to become the part of their undergraduate degree program phase. Check this university official website and you will know more about their eligibility details and conditions. So let us check out the details. You will get complete information as well that what is the procedure to apply in this university. It is the mission of ILMA University that each of their student should develop this capacity to learn more, to keep on doing more, to keep on educating his self. He or she should keep on be aspiring others/ This university induct leadership skills and qualities in their students. It is an established institute. Check out the categories of their degree programs and see that which of their respective degree program has opened this fresh admission processing.



Programs Offered by ILMA University

You can be in their business administration degree program or in their computer science under graduating degree program. You can also take admission in their software engineering degree program or in their media sciences degree program. These are current degree programs in which this admission processing has been started.



How to Apply in ILMA University?

You need to apply online, this is their website, When you will log into their official website then you will be able to get complete instructions that how application form should be filled as well as submitted by you.



0 May, 2024 is the last date to apply. Just keep in mind this deadline because after the passing time of this 0-05-2024 date, none of the form will be accepted and this online admission portal will be closed as well. So meet and follow their admission schedule details.



Later on you will also sit for the entrance test. Once the date of this admission form receiving will be passed then you have to sit for this university entry test too. Prepare for this entry test strongly because this university admission entrance test consist of maximum weightage. If you will be failed and score less in this entry test then you will not get admission in this ILMA University.



Why Ilma University Karachi?

Ilma University, formerly known as the Institute of Business & Technology (BIZTEK), is a higher education institution in Karachi, Pakistan. Here is a list of facilities that are available in ILMA University Karachi;


Academic Facilities

1-Classrooms: Equipped with audio-visual aids.
2-Labs: Computer labs, science labs for practical experiments.
3-Library: Collection of books, academic journals & research papers. Likely also provides access to online databases.


Recreational and Extracurricular Facilities

1-Sports Complex: Facilities for various sports like cricket, football, basketball, etc.
2-Fitness Center/Gym: Equipment for exercise & fitness activities.
3-Student Clubs and Societies: A variety of clubs based on interests & academic topics.



Support Services

1-Cafeteria and Dining Services: Food services offering a range of dining options.
2-Health Services: Medical assistance & possibly counseling services.
3-Career Services: Support for internships, job placement & career counseling.


Campus Resources

1-Auditorium: A large space for events, lectures & performances.
2-Prayer Area: Spaces for spiritual practices.
3-Bookstore: Selling textbooks, university merchandise & other supplies.



Administrative Facilities

1-Administrative Offices: Spaces for the management of university affairs.
2-Admission Office: Handling queries & processes related to admissions.
3-Financial Aid Office: Information and assistance with scholarships, loans & other forms of financial support.



IT and Technological Resources

1-Wi-Fi: Campus-wide internet access.
2-IT Help Desk: Support for technology-related queries & issues.



1-Hostel: Residential facilities for students, if available.



Final Words

These are so far admission details and proceedings which are given by this ILMA University. Apply in this university on time. More admission information will be given to you. Good luck for this current admission phase and get start with your undergraduate degree program education on time. Newspaper ad about ILMA university Karachi admission 2024 has been given below for you. ILMA university has a history of extending the last date of applying, but if you are interested in applying then apply immediately.


ILMA University Admission 2024, Program, Form, Last Date


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