Impact of Growing Pak China Relations on International Politics

International,Current Affairs-Affects of Economic Corridor Between China and Pakistan on International Politics
Growing Pak China relations are playing the role of game changer in the international politics. Pak China relations have become threat for many countries. In fact its just due to wrong thinking of these countries. China never tried to export its revolution like Iran and USSR. Pakistan also wants the peaceful solution of Kashmir issue but rival and in fact some so called friendly countries of both these nations are looking towards Pak China relations with suspicious eyes.

USA want to see India as Asian super power to counter the China. That’s why United States of America is patronizing India In spite of great history of sacrifices of Pakistani nation for USA and its allies. Indian people and army know that they can not compete China in any field still they are making fool Western powers by presenting India as a front line state against China. Chinese people are very cool and wise. They have never fought any war against India after 1962.

In fact they have changed their policy towards India, they are preparing Pakistan to compete India in all fielda. China is going to sell 8 nuclear submarines to Pakistan with technology transfer. This deal will end the supremacy of Indian navy in the Indian Ocean. India is taking the economic corridor between China and Pakistan as a threat against its security but economic corridor between China and Pakistan has no military implications.

Impact of Growing Pak China Relations on International Politics


Impact of Growing Pak China Relations on International Politics

This economic corridor between China and Pakistan has been designed in such a way that it will bind the all provinces of Pakistan including AJK and Gilgit Baltistan. In future Pakistan will be able to connect Russia and Middle Asian Muslim countries with economic corridor between China and Pakistan. This plan will make Pakistan an Asian Tiger. Unfortunately USA and Western countries never tried to help Pakistan seriously.

Now China is neither giving us loan nor grant. China is doing business with us. Its a win win situation for both the countries. We have been requesting the international community to allow us to sign Pak Iran gas pipeline treaty but in spite of our energy crisis, USA and European countries did not allow us to do so. Now China has decided to help us in overcoming our energy crisis.

USSR adopted the wrong strategy for getting access to warm waters. But now China has got this access without firing a single bullet. Due to increasing Indo USA ties, now Russia is also trying to normalize its relations with Pakistan. Economic corridor between China and Pakistan is also very useful for Russia as it can fulfill the old dream of USSR. Russia can also get the access to warm waters through this corridor.

Iran USA, India, European countries and even Arab states are not happy with the growing Pak China relations. Gwadar port is not acceptable to Dubai, India, Iran and USA but it will become a reality Inshaa Allah. Intelligence agencies of UK, India, Israel and many other countries are patronizing the Baloch traitor organizations to stop this project but i am sure that now it is near to impossible for these countries to do so. Inshaa Allah Pakistan will become an Asian tiger and important player of international politics.

Pakistan deserves to become the permanent member of United Nations Security Council due to its geo strategical position and important player of international politics. Pakistan is also the only Islamic atomic power which has the best army and intelligence agency of the world. Our case is much stroner than Japan, India, Brazil and Germany. Now investment of 45 billion rupees by our time tested friend will change our economic condition too. Pak China relations will guarantee the peace in Asia too. Both these countries will counter the terrorism in the world too. Pak China relations history shows that both these countries are like real brothers. As per Chinese diplomat Pakistan is the Israel of China and its is not possible for China to leave Pakistan alone in its crisis period. Pakistan has also helped China on number of occasions. Now this relationship is turning into a strategical alliance. Visit regularly for reading awesome articles on international relations and current affairs. Visit and like our facebook page too.




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