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Importance of Shorthand For Finding a Job in Pakistan-Tips

Best Short Course-Shorthand For Finding a Job in Pakistan-Super Tips For Beginners 
Your good shorthand and typing speed can easily win a government job for you. Shorthand and typing are most required skills in government departments. You just need to learn typing first. Try to learn both English and Urdu typing. Your speed must not be below 40 words/minute. Although good typing speed can win a job for you, but we emphasize on all that intermediate and graduate students who want to get government job to learn the art of shorthand too. Last skill which you must learn is MS Office. These 3 skills will add stars in your profile.

Every year unlimited jobs are announced by different government departments for holders of these 3 skills. Your scale depends upon your regular qualification. I mean to say that matriculate person can get job of junior clerk or assistant and a intermediate person can get job of a clerk and a graduate can even become reader or personal assistant of even judge of High Court. So my dear brothers and sisters these 3 courses are much better for those students who want to get a government job.

Importance of Shorthand For Finding a Job in Pakistan-Tips

Importance of Shorthand For Finding a Job in Pakistan-Tips


Till now competition is very low in this field. Shorthand is just like Chines language as you will have to remember thousands of characters. But my dear friends this one time hard work and practice will pay you in long run. You will have to do practice daily. An intelligent student may learn shorthand maximum in 4 months. Super intelligent students take just maximum 2 months in learning this art. You may get the job of clerk, stenographer, PA, Private Secretary, Official Reporter, Personal Assistant and reader after learning the shorthand. Jobs are available from grade 14 to 18. You may reach up to grade 20 too.

Your minimum shorthand speed should be 80 WPM. You can achieve this speed by continuous practice. You may also get jobs in private sector too. You may also launch your own shorthand and typing class. Females must learn typing, MS Office and shorthand as they are preferred on the post of private secretary and personal assistant. Remember that in professional jobs, skill matters more than certificate/degree or institute. One last thing, you must continue your regular education beside learning shorthand. Never be out of practice. Try to increase your speed as much as possible. Accept even lower scale job as you must be in practice all the time. This unique international skill can win a job for you in abroad too. You may find job in any multinational company, local, private and public organization.

Some colleges are claiming that they can train you in shorthand in just one month, try to avoid such colleges, as you need lot of practice for mastering this art, at least 3 months. This one time hard work and regular daily practice will pay you in long run. So never leave daily practice even after learning the art of shorthand. Believe me soon you will even be able to develop your own self created shorthand.

How to Learn Shorthand? Super Tips


Learn shorthand from a reputed institution.

Continue to do practice in your spare time.

Think out of the box too for creating your own easy signs.

Accept the first job offer so that you may be able to practice daily, remember that this practical experience will enable you in getting the job of your choice, as  experience matters a lot in practical life.

You must also type maximum pages daily.

Remember you must master both typing and shorthand for getting the job of your choice.

You must also learn inpage and coral draw. Try to increase your general education too. Minimum recommended education is graduation for you.

You must also buy a shorthand guide too for excelling from your fellow students.