Importance of Technical Education (Essay For College Students)

Essay on Importance of Technical Education in Pakistan (Urdu & English) 900 Words
Today at we are going to share English and Urdu essays on “Importance of Technical Education” for college students of intermediate and ADP (BA/BSc). Length of this essay is about 900 words. Lets start reading the English essay first;



What is Technical Education?

Technical education is a type of education that focuses on the practical application of knowledge and skills in specific fields of study. It can be found in colleges and universities, as well as non-traditional institutions such as technical colleges and vocational institutes.


Importance of Technical Education

Technical education has become increasingly important in the world today. With the growth of technology and the need for workers with specific skills, technical education has become an important part of the education system. Technical education can provide students with the skills they need to work in a variety of fields.

English Essay

Importance of Technical Education (Essay For College Students)


Technical Education is key to success for any nation or country in 21st century. Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia and Japan have neither minerals nor these countries can produce enough food for their people, still these countries are progressing with great speed. These countries have just trained their human resource by giving emphasis on vocational and technical training. Now these counties are earning billion of dollars foreign exchange by exporting their high-tech products. This revolution took just 50 years to be happened.



Relation of Technology with Technical Education

We are living in the era of technological revolution. Artificial intelligence is going to rule the world. Technological advances have a profound impact on the way students learn. In order to keep up with the ever-changing technology, schools must provide students with the necessary technical education to remain employable in the workforce. Technical education can be divided into two main categories: vocational and technical.  Vocational education provides students with the skills and knowledge needed for a specific career. Technical education provides students with the skills and knowledge needed for a specific technical field. We need to promote both.



Difference Between Technical Education and Vocational Education

Technical education is a type of education that prepares students for a specific career or occupation. Vocational education is a type of education that prepares students for a specific trade or profession.



Importance of Technical Education for Pakistan

Technical education in Pakistan is important for the country because it provides the workforce with the required skills for the future. It also helps to improve the economy by providing more jobs.


Pakistan has a long history of technical education. The country’s first technical institute, the Karachi School of Engineering, was established in 1892. The country’s technical education system has been in place since then and has since undergone various reforms.


Pakistan is still much behind in technical education. Our human resource is untrained and raw. Majority of our people are working as laborers in Middle East and Europe. There are rare success stories. We need to train our people so that they may earn more foreign exchange for Pakistan and their families. Pakistan need targeted technical education as per our local needs. We need technical experts in the areas of information technology, textile industry, leather industry, garments industry, biomedical engineering, manufacturing and healthcare.



Importance of Technical Education For Females

There is no doubt that technical education is important for females. Firstly, it provides females with the skills they need to be successful in a variety of fields. Secondly, it provides females with the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience that will help them in their careers. Technical education can help the females in standing on their feet. They can easily earn money on the basis of their skills and qualification.



How to Promote Technical Education?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to promote technical education depends on the specific needs and goals of the community in question.


How to Promote Technical Education in Pakistan?

Just technical education is not enough as we need to go towards industrialization of the country. First we need to create jobs for technically trained persons, then we should prepare the experts of these fields as per our need. Special emphasis should be given on high-tech industry and information technology. Startups should be given interest free loans. Free laptops and tool kits should be provided on the completion of technical education. One window desks should be established for facilitating the industrialists and startups. Technical education should be the part of syllabus right from class one. Technical institutes should be open in all cities and towns of Pakistan. Separate technical institutes should be established for females. Digiskills should introduce more free vocational and IT training online courses. AIOU should also take steps in this direction.



In conclusion, Technology is the backbone of the 21st century. It’s what powers the digital world, enables people to connect and share ideas, and allows people to make informed decisions and communicate faster than ever before. It also creates new markets for goods and services, connects people around the world, enables businesses to scale, and even supports people’s well-being. As such, technology is more important than ever before. Therefore, we need to learn how to use it. There are several ways to learn how to use technology, and the most important is to understand the importance of technical education and promote it. Below now you can read Urdu essay on “Importance of Technical Education“.


Importance of Technical Education (Essay For College Students)


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