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Memory Power
God has gifted memory power to every human being and no one can say that he has a poor memory. We cannot divide memory in poor or good memory. It can be divided in just two categories i.e trained and untrained. If you train your memory you will be able to memorize every thing easily. In this article we shall discuss different ways to improve and train our memory.

Keen observation is first requirement for improving memory. Our problem is we see but do not observe. We must train our observation. And should observe every thing deeply. Their are certain exercises for the training of our observation. For example look at some picture for some seconds and then try to recall different objects in the picture. Make a list of those objects and then compare your list with the picture. Its very useful exercise of mind.

Developing interest
Scientists have proved that we forget those things frequently which we don’t like.Interest plays an important role in the process of learning and improving memory. So  the second step is to develop interest in your desired field. Famous German poet Goethe once said that ‘Everywhere people learn from what they like and whom the like”. Why some students get good marks in history and rest get average marks. The main difference between two groups is the degree of interest. In beginning you have to force your mind to take interest in certain field. ‘Force”, because initially effort will be needed. But in an amazingly short time, you will find that there no effort at all is required to make yourself want to remember any thing.



Training of your subconscious mind
Subconscious mind plays an important role in learning process. It can do every thing you want. You just need to train or program it . You can train your mind by auto suggestions. Give positive suggestions to your subconscious mind. You should assure yourself through the art of self-hypnosis that you can learn every thing with ease. Once your subconscious mind accept these suggestions, you will be able to memorize every thing. As Henry David Thoreau remarked,” What lies before us and what lies beyond us is tiny compared to what lies within us”.

Link method
Link method is also an powerful way to improve your memory power.It has been said, and rightly so, that  the link method is the mother of memory. In this method we hook together the information we are trying to learn.

SQ3R & 3C-R methods
You can improve you memory ten times by using SQ3R and 3CR techniques.
SQ3R means
Survey- look at the structure of text
Question-ask yourself questions about the text
Read-read the text attentively
Recall-recall the text in your mind
Review or revise-revision within 24 hours
3C-R means
Concentration-read the text with full concentration
Corelation-corelate the information with other things
Conversation-talk with people about the subject
We shall also discuss both above methods in detail later on.

Memory booster Medicines

Kali Phos 6x, Acid Phos 1x and Anacardium 30 are the best medicines for improving your memory in homeopathy. You can consult our medical team for further queries.  keep visiting your own websites for having great tips and tricks about how to improve your memory.

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