India expelled 68 kashmiri students

UP government expelled 68 Kashmiri students from university and threatened with sedition charges.Kashmiri students were studying in Swami Vivekanand Subharti University UP under the Prime minister scholarship program. These students were watching India Pakistan cricket match on Television and when Pakistan won the match Hindu students could not tolerate this defeat. They tortured Kashmiri students and under the pressure of bjp university administration expelled the 68 students from the university. They were boarded on train under police custody without tickets. And UP government lodged fir against these innocent kashmiri students under sedition charges. Indian electronic and social media claimed that these students were traitors.

Pakistani foreign office showed full support for these students and invited them to complete their education in Pakistan. This incident exposed the real face on so called Indian democracy. It show that India is a fascist state and Kashmiri and Muslims are not treated as human beings in India. According to BBC Kashmiri students are receiving threats from extremist hindu organizations and they are not safe in India.

While students said that they were just cheering due to wonderful performance of Shahid Afridi and they were just enjoying the game of cricket. When human right organizations and world media put this matter Federal Indian government agreed to withdraw the sedition cases against these innocent kashmiri students. India is punishing people of of Kashmir as they don’t want to live with India and they demand for their right of self determination.

We strongly condemn this brutal action of Indian authorities and want to make it clear on India that Kashmir is integral part of Pakistan and you can not make you unjustified and illegal occupation on it any more. All Pakistani are standing behind with our Kashmiri brothers and the day is not far when Kashmir will become a part of Pakistan.

kashmiri students                                      Three students are talking with media.

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