Inorganic Chemistry-Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Topics & Related Areas

Inorganic Chemistry – Definition, Jobs, Subjects, Related Fields, Career & Scope in Pakistan & Abroad
Inorganic Chemistry is a sub-discipline of Chemistry in which we study about behavior and properties (both physical and chemical) inorganic compounds. Inorganic compounds are referred as compounds without hydrocarbon groups. In short in this branch of Chemistry we study all chemical compunds ecept organic compounds. Inorganic Chemistry is subdivided into following subbranches;

Inorganic Chemistry-Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Topics & Related Areas

Inorganic Chemistry-Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Topics & Related Areas

Nuclear science
Bioinorganic chemistry
Solid-state chemistry
Synthetic inorganic chemistry
Inorganic technology
Coordination chemistry
Organometallic chemistry

Related Fields
This field is closely associated with following branches of science too;
Solid-State Physics

Core Topics
Here is the list of some most important topics of inorganic Chemistry.
Crystal structures
Acids, salts and bases
Organometallic compounds
Chemical bonding and molecular geometry
Large number of periodic table elements

Jobs, Salary, Benefits, Career & Scope
Its a practical science which is applied in uncounted industries. H2SO4 is one of the most important raw material for many industries, that’s why in near past countries with great production of sulfuric acid were considered economically strong. Even now inorganic chemists play a vital role in the economic progress of any country. They use their knowledge for the industrial research and improvement of production. Master degree holder in this field are recruited as gazetted officers of 17th grade in Public sector. MPhil/MS and PhD degree holders are given the post of assistant professor (Grade 18) in government universities and research labs.

Pakistan is a developing country and we need large number of inorganic chemists for rapid industrial and economic growth. There is a unlimited job opportunities for talented scientists of this field not only in Pakistan but also abroad. Talented chemists start their own business after getting some practical experience. We have given examples of some very talented chemists in our articles on Chemistry and organic chemistry. You must read both these article for further guidance. Private sector consider the qualification and experience for offering a job package, so never refuse even a unpaid internship offer.

Employment Areas
You may find job in following fields/areas;
Environmental Science Industries
Geosciences Fields
Universities, Colleges and Schools
Scientific Research Journals
Mining Field
Petrochemical Industries
Agrochemical Industies
Fertilizer Industry
Research Labs
Water Treatment Plants
Paper, Ink, Paints, Food and Cosmetic Industries
Chemical Industries
Forensic Laboratories
Coating Industry
Pharmaceutical Field
Fuel Industry
Sugar Mills
Chemical Arms Industry
Beverages Industries
Research and Development Wings of Universities and Various Industries.
Plastic Industry
Microchip Industry
Glass Industries
Synthetic Fibers Industry
Environment Protection Department
Food Safety Department

Job Types
You may find jobs of following types.
Environmental Inorganic Chemist
Inorganic Chemist
College lecturer
Mining Analytical Chemist
Subject Specialist
Ceramic Chemist
Home Tutor
Forensic Expert
Research Scholar
University Professor
Scientific Writer
Subject Specialist (Science Teacher)
Food Inspector
Scientific Writer

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