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Institute of Management Sciences Pak Aims Admission 2024

The Institute of Management Sciences IMS Lahore Spring Semester Admission 2024

Pak Aims The Institute of Management Sciences was given charter by government of Punjab. It is also recognized by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Faculty of business administration and faculty of computer sciences of Pak Aims have announced admission 2024 in Spring semester. Some weekend programs are also being offered like MBA executive, M.Phil Management Sciences and M.Phil Computer Sciences.



Programs Offered By Institute of Management Sciences

Faculty of Business administration is offering admission 2024 in following programs;
MBA For Business Students
BS Accounting & Finance
M.Phil Management Sciences
MBA For Non Business Students

Specialization is offered in many fields like Human Resource Management (HRM), Marketing, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Management & Finance, Information Technology & Management Finance.

Faculty of computer science is offering admission in following programs;

BS Computer Science
BS Software Engineering
BS Information Technology
MPhil Computer Science

PhD Computer Science (Specializations in Data Sciences, Software Methodology & Engineering, Formal Methods, Intelligent Systems, Computer Architecture, Networking & Cryptography, Database System).



Salient Features of Institute of Management Sciences (IMS)

1-IMS is offering lot of need base and merit base scholarships.
2-Faculty at Pak Aims is very experienced and highly qualified.
3-Classes are equipped with multimedia and overhead projectors.
4-State of the art computer labs are equipped with dedicated servers.
5-Free Internet facility and workplace is provided for the purpose of research, assignment and projects.
6-Regular seminars, workshops and talks are arranged by market business leaders.
7-Along with conducive learning environment students are provided opportunities for lot of extra curricular and co-curricular activities.
8-Pak Aims campus is situated at a central location of Lahore city. All kind of transport facilities are available to access the IMS campus.
9-Fee structure is very affordable. Details of these facilities have been given below;



Why Pak Aims? Details of Available Facilities

Facilities in The Institute Of Management Sciences Lahore (Pak Aims)”:Nestled in the heart of Lahore
The Institute of Management Sciences (Pak Aims) stands as a beacon of academic excellence by offering a wide array of facilities to cater to the diverse needs of its students & Professors. From modern infrastructure to top-notch resources Pak Aims LHR is committed for providing an enriching & supportive environment for all.



The Pak Aims Lahore campus boasts modern & well-equipped classes that provide the perfect setting for interactive learning. With cutting-edge technology & comfortable seating the UG students can engage in discussions and presentations with ease . The spacious & vibrant campus also features well-maintained outdoor spaces for providing a peaceful retreat for students to unwind and socialize.



Pak Aims takes pride in its extensive library which houses a vast collection of books, journals, and research materials for catering to the academic requirements of students & faculty across various disciplines. The library offers a quiet & conducive environment for study and research, making it an indispensable resource for the academic community.



Furthermore the institute is equipped with advanced laboratories that facilitate hands-on learning & experimentation in fields like science, technology & computer science. These facilities play a crucial role in enhancing practical knowledge and skill development for allowing students to apply theoretical concepts in real-world scenarios.



In addition to academic resources Pak Aims places a strong emphasis on sports & fitness by offering a range of sports facilities to promote a healthy & active lifestyle. The campus features well-maintained sports grounds & courts for various activities for encouraging students to participate in physical exercise and recreational sports.



For the convenience of its students, Pak Aims provides on-campus accommodation with comfortable living spaces & essential amenities. The residential facilities offer a safe and inclusive community environment for enabling students to focus on their studies while enjoying a balanced college life experience.



The institute also places a strong emphasis on technology, with robust IT infrastructure & high-speed internet connectivity available throughout the campus. This ensures seamless access to online resources , e-learning platforms & communication tools for empowering students and faculty to stay connected and resourceful.



Institute of Management Sciences IMS Contact Details

The Institute of Management Sciences Pak Aims 23-E-3, Gulberg 3 Lahore, 5660, (Contact during office hours from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday-Saturday)
Fax Number; 35758665,



Final Remarks

In conclusion The Institute of Management Sciences (Pak Aims) stands as a hub of academic & extracurricular excellence, with its comprehensive facilities catering to the diverse needs of its vibrant community . Whether it is academic pursuits, sports & fitness or student accommodation, Pak Aims LHR is dedicated to providing a supportive and enriching environment for all who walk through its doors.


Institute of Management Sciences Pak Aims Admission 2024


Institute of Management Sciences Pak Aims Admission 2024