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Introduction of Dark Web Websites, Beware of This Evil World (Guide in Urdu & English)

Technology World-What is Deep Net? All About Dark Web Websites in Urdu & English
There is lot of chit chat about dark web websites on social media now a days. Majority of people are not aware of this evil world. Everyone now wants to know that what is the reality of this dark web? Its also famous with the words of dark net, dark internet, deep internet and deep web. Dark web or deep web is the internet of evil. Its all about brutal crimes. Here you can read articles and watch videos about all those brutal criminal acts which are hated in each and every human society. Dr shahid Masood has exposed these dark web websites in Pakistan. Here videos about rape of kids are uploaded. You will be guided about all criminal activities on these dark web websites like arms smuggling, trade of narcotics, porn movies etc.

Its in fact a parallel internet for criminal minded and mentally sick persons. Google, Yahoo, Bing and no other major search engine inde such dark web websites. General user of internet can not access such websites. One need to have complete URL of such dark web websites for using them. Some low standard browsers and proxy sites are too supporting such websites by giving access to such sites. Links of these dark web websites spread through forums comments and social media. There are many closed groups of such criminal elements on social media websites.

Its an illegal online world. Our students and parents should be aware of this danger. If you view any illegal matter about any crime on dark web websites, do inform internet regularity authority of your country and Google for banning it. Remember that crime controlling agencies of all countries are monitoring such websites. Never visit such sites, as these agencies may also start monitoring you. Fortunately there are few dark web websites in Pakistan. In fact we have not complete date about these Pakistani dark web websites.

People who are working on these dark web websites can easily be caught by law enforcing agencies, so never even think to visit such websites. Through sting operations FIA, FBI and other such agencies enter in this deep internet, so that they may be able to expose members and administrators of these dark web websites. Never use dark web browser as deep web browser even steal your personal information. Stay away of deep net. Dark web access is prohibited by law of all civilized countries too. You may read the details about this deep net in Urdu in the newspaper cutting below this page.


Introduction of Dark Web Websites, Beware of This Evil World (Guide in Urdu & English)


Introduction of Dark Web Websites? Beware of This Evil World (Urdu & English)