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Iqbal, Iqbaliyat Definition, Career, Scope, Jobs & Core Topics

Allama Muhammad iqbal, Iqbaliyat Books, Introduction, Subjects, Career, Scope, Jobs & History 

Allama Muhammad iqbal was the biggest poet of Persian and Urdu languages. He was a trend setter poet with unique ideas. Iqbaliyat is subject about life and work of Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Iqbal was a Muslim nationalist poet. He was also a political leader of Muslim od India. He gave the idea of seprate state for Muslim of Indian Sub Continent in 1930. He also gave the philosophy of positive ego (Hudi). Even Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jannah was very impressed with his philosophy. Pakistan resolution which was passed on 23rd March 1940 was result of address Iqbal in annual session of All India Muslim League.

Iqbal, Iqbaliyat Definition, Career, Scope, Jobs & Core Topics


Iqbal, Iqbaliyat Definition, Career, Scope, Jobs & Core Topics

Allama Iqbal was born on 9th November 1877. Muslims of India started to celebrate the Iqbal day on 9th November even in the life of Iqbal. He died on 23rd of April 1938. Majority of his poetry was in Persian, Fortunately our fundamentalist element could not understand his revolutionary message which he gave in Persian. Still many Mullas declared that he is a non believer (Kafir). Still he is our hero. Ghalib is a greater poet than him just because of unique poetry about human feelings. His poetry has no message for Muslims. Iqbal was a national rather an international poet. Even India, Germany, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Bahrain and many central Asian countries are impressed with his poetry. Iqbaliyat is best subject for those who have firm believe on the concept of Hudi (Positive Ego). Iqbal was a Kashmiri Muslim and he was also the president of Kashmir Committee. Students of Kashmiriyat must study the Iqbaliyat whereas the students of Iqbaliyat must study the books of Kashmiriyat. Both theses subjects are very closely associated.

Iqbal was just not a poet he was the biggest Muslim Philosopher of the last 5 hundred years. If you are the student of Iqbaliyat then must study the six consecutive lectures of spiritual leader Iqbal on “The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam”. These lectures will change your current religious beliefs. Iqbal was really a genius. He was not given the noble prize just due to his pro-Islamic message.

Iqbaliyat is a much better study option then simple Urdu, Persian and Kashmiriyat. Fortunately now even Allama Iqbal Open University is offering Master level degree in Iqbaliyat through distance learning.Every true Pakistani student should get his second Master degree in Iqbaliyat or Kashmiriyat.

Iqbal & Iqbaliyat Core Topics
Urdu Poetry of Iqbal
Persian Poetry of Iqbal
Iqbaliyat and Kashmiriyat.
The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam
Prose By Iqbal
Iqbaliyat- A Global Study
Iqbal & Islam
Iqbal & Pakistan Movement
Impact of Iqbaliyat on Literature of Other Countries
Iqbaliyat – The Real Message
Research Methodology

Iqbaliyat Jobs, Career & Scope
Urdu Teacher
Kashmiriyat. or Pakistan Studies Teacher
Research Scholar
Expert of Iqbaliyat or Kashmiriyat.
Persian Teacher
Literature Expert
Islamic Studies Teacher
Reporter, Proof Reader or Editor
Documentary Producer

Iqbaliyat Book
If you want to read any Iqbaliyat book then first read his poetry books both in Persian and Urdu then read his six lectures in English. In the last read books published by Iqbal Academy and written by his sons Javeed Iqbal and his colleagues only.