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Iqra National University Peshawar Admission 2024 Schedule

Iqra National University INU Peshawar Admission 2024 in Spring Semester

Iqra National University Peshawar has announced the Spring semester admission 2024 schedule. INU Peshawar is a leading private sector university in KPK province. It offers BS to PhD level programs in various fields. Admissions will remain open till last date, in the Spring session. Exact last date has not been announced by INU Peshawar till now, so apply immediately for admission 2024.



Programs Offered By Iqra National University INU Peshawar

School of Civil Engineering offers admissions in BE-Civil, B.Tech, MS-Civil, and PhD Civil Programs. School of Electrical engineering offers admission in B-Tech (Electrical), BE, MS and Phd programs in electrical engineering. MS and PhD programs are also offered in engineering management. School of Computer Science offers BS, MS and Phd programs in computer science. BS Tele Communication, BS & MS in Software engineering are also offered. School of Business Administration offers BBA, BS (Mass Communication Media Studies), MBA 1.5 & 3.5 Years and MS Management Sciences programs. School of Allied Health Sciences presents DPT & BS programs in MLT, Dental Technology, Radiology Technology and Microbiology. Art & Design department grants admission 2024 in Bachelor in Fashion Design (BFD), Bachelor in Textile Design (BTD) and Bachelor in Interior Design programs. Duration of BS, MS and PhD programs is 4, 2 and 3 years respectively. Eligibility criteria is available at



Facilities offered By Iqra National University Peshawar

INU Peshawar has established an computer resource center with 50 latest computers. Internet facility is available both in online labs and all over the campus. Iqra National University Peshawar has highly qualified and experienced full time faculty. Large number of experienced retired professors of public sector universities have also join the faculty of INU. Smoking and politics are forbidden in the campus. Research based environment helps the students in discovering and polishing their hidden talent. Air conditioned class rooms and lecture theaters are equipped with smart board and multi media. Workshops and seminars are arranged to transfer the skills of professional experts in students. Here are details of facilities available at INU Peshawar;

Well Stocked Library:

Iqra National University has a huge library which is also used as reference library by PG students. Students have access to a vast collection of books, scientific journals & research papers for covering a wide array of subjects. The library also provides access to online databases & digital resources for ensuring that students have the tools they need to excel in their academic pursuits.



Modern Laboratories:

The INU Peshawar boasts modern and well-equipped laboratories too that cater to the needs of students across various disciplines. Whether it is the engineering, medical or science fields , students have access to cutting-edge equipment & facilities that enable hands-on learning and practical application of theoretical knowledge.



Sports & Recreational Facilities:

INU Peshawar recognizes the importance of a healthy balance between academics & extracurricular activities. Iqra National University offers many sports & recreational facilities. It has a well-maintained sports complex to indoor facilities for activities like table tennis & badminton. Students also have ample opportunities to stay active & pursue their interests outside of the classroom.



Technology-Enabled Classrooms:

In today’s digital age, Iqra National University is at the forefront of integrating technology into the learning process. The university’s classrooms are equipped with modern audio-visual aids , interactive whiteboards & high-speed internet connectivity for fostering an engaging & interactive learning environment for students.



Medical Facilities:

The well-being of students is a top priority at INU Peshawar. The INU campus is equipped with a medical center that provides basic healthcare services to students & faculty. Trained medical staff are on hand to address any health-related concerns for ensuring that students can focus on their studies with peace of mind.



Student Accommodation:

For students who require accommodation, the university offers comfortable & secure residential facilities. The on-campus hostels provide a safe & conducive living environment for allowing students to focus on their academic and personal growth while being part of a vibrant and diverse community.



Career Counseling and Placement Services:

Iqra National University Peshawar goes the extra mile to support students in their career aspirations. The INU university offers career counseling services to help students explore their interests, strengths & career options. Additionally the placement office facilitates connections between students & potential employers for paving the way for successful transitions from academia to the professional world.



Final Words

Large number of engineering and medical labs are equipped with modern equipment for practical work. Students regularly visit industrial sites and organizations for getting first hand practical experience. Regular cultural, recreational and instructive programs are part of INU Peshawar annual calendar. There are more than 7000 books on different topics in the information resource center (library). INU Peshawar’s fleet of transport has more than 10 vehicles of different kinds. For more information about INU admission 2024 call at 111-111-468 or send email at


Iqra National University Peshawar Admission 2024 Schedule

Iqra National University Peshawar Admission 2024 Schedule