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Japanese Language-Career, Scope, Jobs, Benefits, Tips & JLPT

Japanese Language Jobs, Benefits, Super Tips, Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), Career & Scope in Pakistan And Abroad
Japan is the land of opportunities for talented persons. Its a country which is ruling over world’ economics and trade. You will soon see that economy of China will collapse as its no concrete base. China is using short term techniques for boosting its economy. Unfortunately Chinese industries are emphasizing on copying the technologies of other countries rather than on research and development. Japanese economy is based on original work in the field of research and development. Its economy is more sustainable than any other country. All those countries who want to make sustainable progress in the field of technology should send their students to Japan for higher education. Unfortunately majority of our students prefer to go to Western countries rather than Japan for higher education in science.

Japanese Language - Career, Scope, Jobs, Benefits, Tips & JLPT

Japanese Language – Career, Scope, Jobs, Benefits, Tips & JLPT

Now when USA and majority of Western countries are not giving study visas to our students, Pakistan government should encourage the local students to get admission in Japanese universities. Japan is one those great countries which have pride over their civilization, culture and language. After the defeat in second world war Japan accepted all the conditions of USA except the changing its medium of instructions in educational institutions. It was the biggest victory of Japanese nation and biggest defeat of the USA as just with in 30 years Japan defeated the the whole world in the field of science, technology and economics.

Alas we Pakistani people are still mentally slave of West as we are not ready to ready to admit the role of importance of native language in the field of education, science and technology. requests the government to change the medium of instruction in Pakistan from English to Urdu. Urdu is the most flexible language of the world which easily accept the terminology of science and words of foreign languages.

Courses in Pakistan 
Unfortunately in Pakistan very few private and public institutes are offering certificate and diploma level courses in Japanese language. There is need of introducing Japanese language subject in intermediate, bachelor and master level. Its a reality that Japanese language is the second most important language of the world after English. Following famous institutes in Pakistan are offering different courses in Japanese language;
1-University of Karachi Care/of Japanese Language Course – PJCA Sindh
2-National University of Modern Languages (NUML)
3-AOTS Lahore
4-Japan Information & Culture Center Consulate General of Japan Karachi

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
As we have mentioned above that medium of instruction in Japan is Japanese language so all those individuals who want to study, get language training or scholarship in Japan are required to clear Japanese language proficiency test (JLPT). Even professionals have to clear this test too. Japanese language proficiency test (JLPT) is held by Japan foundation on the 1st Sunday of December every year. Visit for detailed guidance about Japanese language proficiency test (JLPT).

Who Should Learn Japanese Language? 
Those who want to study in Japan or looking for any foreign scholarship in this country.
Traders who are involved in import and export business with Japan or Palau as its a minority language o Palau too.
Lovers of foreign countries
Science students
Job seekers in Japan
Students of comparative studies of  religions, Anthropology and History.

Jobs, Benefits, Career & Scope
Employment Areas 
Foreign Office
Japanese Funded NGO’s
Japanese Language Institutes
Courier Service & Post Office
International Trade
Online Businesses
Media Industry
Research institutions
Tourism & Hospitality Field
Call Centers
Multinational Corporations (MNC)
Gandhara Civilization Research Institutes
Business Processing Outsourcing
Publishing Business

Job Types
Language Instructor
Web Writer
Journalist or Correspondent of New Agencies, Newspapers or TV Channels
Call Center Agent
Guide For Tourists
Language Researcher or Critic
Creative of Fiction Writer

How To Learn Japanese Language?
Buy Japanese language learning book and Urdu/English to Japanese dictionary.
Visit free online language learning websites like
Get admission in language learning course. Read Japanese newspapers, books and even watch the news channels and movies of Japan.
Check your progress on online testing websites and in the last appear in JLPT with full preparation.
Stay in touch with for guidance about career and scope of all Western and Eastern languages. Like our FB page and visit our sister website too.