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Javed Chaudhry is one of the best columnist of our country. He writes columns in Daily Express which is one of the leading news papers of Pakistan. Title of Javed Chaaudhry’s today column was shocking for me. I could not even think that  sensible column writer like Javed Chaudhry can even think to write a Urdu column about “mujra“. But when i read the Javed Chaudhry column, i realized that in fact he has criticized the mujra and has thrown light on the extreme bad effects of mujra.

Bad Effects of Mujra

Today’s Javed Chaudhry column will remind you Minto. There is a class in our society who is indulged in bad activities like mujra and they don’t know the result of this activity. Javed Chaudhry tried to address this class through his Urdu column mujra. Mujra is the insult of females, money and humanity too and being a curse it destroys the persons who are indulged in this activity.

Javed Chaudry has narrated a real life true story of a victim of Mujra. This story has many lessons in it but just for those who thinks. We people also like to take tree from small road side hotels. Javed Chaudhary column will also increase your information about the gradients of tea of such road side hotels.  Stay in touch with our website and its face book page for best collection of Javed chaudhry columns

Javed Chaudhry column mujra.

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