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Join Pakistan Navy As PN Cadet For Permanent Commission in Term 2024-B

Join Pak Navy As PN Cadet For Permanent Commission in Term 2024-B, Schedule & Step By Step Procedure

If you want to join Pakistan Navy after intermediate then now you have a golden opportunity of joining the Pak Navy as PN Cadet for permanent commission in term 2024-B By joining the Pak Navy you will get an opportunity to serve the nation and defend your beloved country. Other than inner satisfaction you will get lot of materialistic benefits too like


Free medical treatment of you, your family and parents.
Residence for family or house rent allowance and servant or special allowance for servant after marriage.
You can also avail opportunities of foreign visits, courses and assignments.
You and your family will get 50% concession on air and train travel.
Your children will get quality education on subsidized fee in Bahria Colleges/Universities and professional institutes.



Schedule TO Join Pak Navy

Registration will Start from 0 May, 2024.
Last date of registration is 0th June, 2024.
Entrance Test will be taken soon.
Result of test will be announced immediately after the e-paper.
Visit for online registration with in the due date.



Step by Step Selection Procedure

2-Entrance test (Intelligence test 30 minutes+ academic test (General Knowledge, English, Math & Physics) 80 minutes)
3-Preliminary interview & medical examination of entry test qualifier candidates.
4-Test & interview at ISSB
5-Final medical examination of ISSB recommended candidates at their nearest CMH/Naval hospital.
6-Final selection by Naval headquarter



Benefits of Joining Pak Navy as PN Cadet

Joining the Pakistan Navy as a PN Cadet comes with a number of benefits, including:

1-A guaranteed job: As a PN Cadet, you are guaranteed a job in the Pakistan Navy upon graduation.

2-A good salary: PN Cadets receive a good salary, which increases as you move up in rank.

3-Prestige: The Pak Navy is a highly respected institution in Pakistan and as its member, you will be held in high esteem by society.

4-A sense of purpose: The Pak Navy is dedicated to protecting the country’s coast/sea and its people and as a PN cadet, you will have a sense of pride and purpose.



Final Words

For details about “join Pakistan Navy as PN cadet for permanent commission in term 2024-B” read the newspaper ad cutting below this post or visit If you have any query then visit your nearest Navy recruitment & selection Center/advance recruitment center. List of Navy recruitment & selection centers with contact number and emails has been given below.



Join Pakistan Navy As PN Cadet For Permanent Commission in Term 2024-B

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