Karachi CAP Form SECCAP Claim Procedure 2020 in Urdu & English

How To File a Claim in SECCAP 
SECCAP Sindh claim policy has been described on this page. All those students who have any complaint can submit their claim as per the given procedure. You can submit claim for the removal or correction of technical mistakes only. In past many students tried to misuse this facility that’s why now SECCAP has make its the term and conditions of its policy very strict. Read the terms and condition carefully and submit your claim as per given instructions.

Karachi CAP Form SECCAP Claim Procedure in Urdu & English


Karachi CAP Form SECCAP Claim Procedure
1-Students are not allowed to change their faculty through claim form, so select your faculty carefully at the time of filling the placement form.

2-Your admission in such a college is impossible whose merit is above than your marks. No form will be received for this purpose.

3-Students can not change their preference list of eight colleges/higher secondary schools at this stage.

4-No farm will be accepted on the basis of change of residential address.

5-Applications will be received on the designated claim centers only no form will be accepted even at the head office of SECCAP.

6-Forms will be available only from the designated centers.

7-Photocopy will not be accepted at all. Only original form will be accepted.

8-Attach the photocopy of computerized form and its receipt with the form.

9-List of centers have been given below.

Karachi CAP Form SECCAP List of Claim Centers


Karachi CAP Form SECCAP List of Claim Centers

SECCAP must develop a online system for addressing the grievances of students. No contact number has been given on official websites of Government of Sindh Education & Literacy Department and SECCAP. Large number of students have complaints and just manual complaint system is not enough. An email address has been given on SECCAP site but not a single student said that he had receive the reply of his email from that id. We strongly recommend that at least a help desk must be set up for addressing the grievances if students immediately.



Complete Karachi CAP Form SECCAP claim procedure  in Urdu has also been given below . Stay in touch with us for latest alerts about admission in different colleges and universities of Pakistan.



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Karachi CAP Form SECCAP Claim Procedure in Urdu & English


Karachi CAP Form SECCAP Claim Procedure in Urdu & English

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