Karachi Police Online FIR & Complaint System-SMS, Fax, Email & Phone Help

Breaking News- Sindh People (Karachi) Can Now File Online FIR  
Karachi police has launched FIR online registration system. Now residents of Karachi can submit FIR online against any crime while staying at their homes. KPK police has already launched the same system. Now there is no need of going to police station even for lodging complaint against any one. This facility has also been provided online. F.I.R is abbreviation of First Information Report. Citizen of Pakistan had to face lot of difficulties in filling F.I,R due to harsh attitudes of police officials. But now e-policing system will reduce the plight of citizens.

FIR online

Karachi Police Online FIR & Complaint System-SMS, Fax, Email & Phone Help

F.I.R is a very sensitive documents as all further proceeding depends upon it. So write the accurate details carefully. It would be better for you to consult any lawyer before filling first information report. There must be no contradiction in your statement. The fields marked (*) are necessary to be filled otherwise your complaint will not be submitted. You may also file complaint against any police officer. Immediate action will be taken against any complaint.

In case of any problem you can call on 021-99225500. SMS service is also available for guidance. Send your SMS at 0300-8293335. You may send fax and email too at 021-99225533 and fir@karachipolice.gov.pk respectively.

Its an great initiative by Sindh police but this facility should also be provided in other cities of Sindh. KPK and Sindh police have got a lead in introducing the e policing system. When Punjab and Balochistan will take practical step in this direction? Click the link given below for filling complaint or FIR online.

Click Here to File Your Complaint or FIR online

Please do not misuse this facility for targeting your opponents or rivals. In case of misusing the FIR online facility, strict action will be taken against the complainant. Be a responsible and law abiding citizen. You can get free legal advice from our team of legal experts. Our team will feel pleasure to help you.






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