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Kashmir Issue in The Limelight Again

Current Affairs – Burning Kashmir Issue  
Kashmir issue has become a nuclear flash point in the world. India is not ready to give the right of self determination to Kashmiri people in spite of its of its promise and UNO resolutions. Few day before Kashmiri people raised slogans in favor of Pakistan. Indian government could not bear this “crime” of Kashmiris and launched an operation against Kashmiri Muslims who are 90 % of the total population of Kashmir.

Large number of people have been injured and martyred by the firing of Indian security forces. Kashmiri students are being expelled from Indian universities. Kashmiri leaders have been arrested. Indian government is not even ready to tolerate the peace full protest against its occupation. We are thankful to India for this great policy as it will raise a new intifada in Kashmir. Present Indian government belongs to fundamentalist and extremist Hindu elements. In fact it is a blessing in disguise. Kashmir is the integral part of Pakistan.

Kashmir Issue

Kashmir Issue in The Limelight Again


It’s more than 80% population is Muslim, who want to become the part of Pakistan. Now it is the duty of Pakistani government to raise the Kashmir issue in UNO. Whole world will have to face the consequences of ignoring the Kashmir issue as it may become the cause of third world war. Indian had deployed more than 7 lac army in Kashmir still she is unable to control the Kashmiri people. Peace of subcontinent is in danger. Indian people will have to pay the price of voting for BJP. Narendra Modi is going to become the Gorbachev of India .

Thanks to his policies which have awakened the Kashmiri youth. Now Kashmiri people are burning the Indian flags which show their hatred against Indian occupation on Kashmir. Indian people and government should realize that elections are not the alternative of right of self determination. No one can guarantee peace in the world without resolving the Kashmir issue. UNO and world community should realize their duty towards Kashmir issue, Neither we can win the war against terror nor bring peace in the world without resolving the Kashmir issue as per the wishes of Kashmiri people. If India and world will not admit this fact then both of them will have to face consequences.

Pakistan can not leave the Kashmiri people alone. Musharraff is considered a liberal Pakistani and Muslim but he also fought Kargil war for the sake of resolving Kashmir problem. Its shows that our relation with Kashmiri people is so strong that we can do anything for them including sacrificing our lives. This war also shows that we are not afraid of Indian atomic and missile capability. India should stop tyrannizing innocent Kashmiri for avoiding a final war against Pakistan. Hearts of Kashmiri people are with us and they will not accept any third option. Islam is the binding force between us. Neither we can forget them nor they can leave us. We are two bodies but one soul. We make an appeal to UNO and world community to solve the Kashmir issue as per the will of Kashmiri people for the sake of world peace. Stay in touch with us for reading review on different current affairs issues.