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Kashmiriyat Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Course Outline & Kashmir Issue

Kashmiriyat/Kashmiri Language Introduction, Jobs, Career, Scope, Subjects, Degrees, Core Topics & Kashmir Issue 

History of Kashmir Issue 
Kashmiriyat is a subject all about history, culture, literature, linguistic, livelihood and freedom struggle of Kashmir. Emphasis is given on Kashmiri language and literature. India has occupied about 1/3 area of Kashmir. Majority of people of this princely state were Muslim but their ruler was a Hindu in 1947. Hari Singh Dogra was the ruler of this state before partition. Indian forces occupied this area on the so called request of Hari Singh. brave Kashmiri people recaptured about 1/3 of Kashmir with the help of tribe men of Pakistan. Then India contacted the UNO for the peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue. UNO passed many resolutions for the peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue. It was decided by UN security council that a free and free plebiscite will be conducted to decide the future of this region. Initially India accepted theses resolutions but later on she refused to act upon these resolutions on Kashmir issue. Pakistan and India have fought at least 4 wars on this issue.

Kashmir Issue

Kashmiriyat Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Course Outline & Kashmir Issue

Jobs, Career & Scope of MA Kashmiriyat
1-All the Kashmiri students must study Kashmiriyat. Its their national duty. Kashmir is the backbone of Pakistan and we can not even think to live without our this integral part, so you may get jobs in our foreign missions. You must also have good knowledge about history and current affairs of Kashmir for better future prospects.

2-Real human rights organizations like human rights watch, UNHCR, HRCP, SPHR and even Amnesty International can hire your services.

3-You may work as researcher and analysts on media.

4-You may get jobs in the institutes, researching on history, language and linguistics of Kashmiri language.

5-Every true Pakistani should get his second master degree in Kashmiriyat, specially its the duty of people of Kashmiri Pakistanis. Its a phase of your and our freedom movement as Pakistan is incomplete without Kashmir.

6- You may get job in the ministry of foreign Affairs and Kashmiriyat in Pakistan.

7-You may find job in local and international media. Both electronic and print media may offer you job.

8-You may get job in local and international educational and research institutes.

9-Peace promoting NGO’s will also offer your reasonable jobs.

10-Many other international organizations, publishers, newspapers, websites and TV channels can offer you job.

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Course Outline, Subjects & Core Topics
Here is the list of subjects or core topics taught in BA, MA & MSc Kashmiriyat.
Kashmiriyat Language
Kashmiriyat Linguistic
KashmirI Language History & Evolution
Kashmiri Phonetics
Kashmir Issue History and Solutions
Kashmiri Language Scripts (Old & New)
Effects of other Languages
Services of Foreigners For Language
Prose, Short Stories and Novels
Research Methodology

Degrees & Universities
Almost all major universities of Pakistan are offering MA or MSc degrees in Kashmiriyat. Till the independence of Kashmir we shall not recommend to take this subject as your first priority abut it must be your second priority as a patriotic Pakistani at Master level. Kashmiriyat is also offered both as an elective and optional subject at BA level. In Bachelor level you must take this subject at least from optional subjects.

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