KPK E Policing System, File Complaint Through SMS, Fax, Email & Website

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Access Service (PAS)
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is introducing revolutionary reforms in all fields. In Pakistan ordinary people can not file their complaint in Police Station due to corruption. But now KPK government is introducing un-presidential reforms in Policing. KPK has become the first province which has launched e-policing system. KPK government named this system Police Access Service (PAS) as it has became the access to police of ordinary man easier than before. Now every citizen on KPK can contact Police through SMS, fax, email and website. Other provinces should also follow this example to reduces the suffering of common man in police stations.

File Your Complaint Through SMS
Now every citizen of KPK can contact police through SMS. They can file their complaint through message and department will take action on each and every SMS received. Complainant will be informed about the action on his complaint through SMS. So if you have any complain, you can send your complaint to police by sending SMS at 0315-9007777.

File Your Complaint Through Fax
You can alsos send your complaint to police through fax. You can also send proofs about your complaint through fax. This facility has also been provided first time in history of Pakistan by any government. If you have facility of fax then send fax on following fax number 091-9223575.

File Complaint Through Email
Facility of fax is not very common but internet is available every where in Pakistan. That’s why KPK government has given another option to its citizen that now they can contact Police department through email too. You can also attach extra files (proof about your complaint) with email. Department will reply your email as early as possible after investigating the issue. You can also send detailed email through your smart phone at

Contact Police Department Through Website
Last but not least you can use KPK police official website too for launching online FIR. Visit for this purpose.
KPK government has also introduced following reforms in policing.
“1-Digitization of FIR
2-Crime Tracking & Analysis (Geo-Tagging)
3-Rented Buildings (Tenants Database)
4-Hotel / Serai Tenants Database
5-Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)
6-E-enablement of Special Branch Police
7-Computerization of Driving Licenses in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
8-e-Ticketing System
9-Traffic Control Management System”

All these reforms are unbelievable for every one. We congratulate KPK for introducing such extraordinary reforms in the province at the same time we think that it is the only and right way for getting the attentions of voters. Keep it up KPK government. Stay in touch with us for latest technology alerts.


KPK E Policing System, File Complaint Through SMS, Fax, Email & Website

KPK E Policing System, File Complaint Through SMS, Fax, Email & Website

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