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Lady Health Workers – Career & Scope in Pakistan

Lady Health Visitor – Definition, Nature of Work, Eligibility Criteria, Required Skills, Career & Scope in Pakistan
Lady health workers are playing a great role in Pakistan for guiding the females about their healthcare issues. They are working as mobile healthcare workers. In Pakistan she is also known as called lady health visitor. Lady health workers are doing their duty in a very hostile environment but still neither government nor the public is admitting the importance of their services. I will never recommend my sisters to go for this option until government provide them better salary and protection. Terrorists are attacking them still they are not given regular salaries. Thanks God that i am not the member of any political party as lady health workers of all provinces are experiencing the same kinds of problems and nobody is interested in their training, or service structure.

Lady Health Workers - Career & Scope in Pakistan

Lady Health Workers – Career & Scope in Pakistan

Lady Health Workers – Job Description or Nature of Work of Lady Health VisitorĀ 
1-They manage Polio eradication campaigns in their area.
2-They guide the females about different methods of family planning.
3-LHVs work for maternal health at grass root level.
4-They provide the medical treatment for common diseases. They also guide the females about prevention techniques of common diseases.
5-LHWs guide the people about the importance and techniques of hygiene, clean drinking water and sanitation.
6-They collect basic data from grass root level to help the policy makers.
7-LHVs ensure that new born children are provided with immunization facility.
8-LHWs guide the females about their nutrition of self and newly born child.
9-They distribute ORS door to door in emergency situations,
10-LHVs provide free family planning material to couples like condoms and oral pills.
11-LHWs play the role of community mobilizer.
12-They register the couples from 15 to 49 years of age.
13-LHWs assist the health department in case of outbreak of any epidemic.
14-They register the pregnant women for providing them medical aid.
15-They guide the females about breast feeding weaning.
At present lady health workers are given just 8000 rupees monthly salary which is lower than minimum mandatory monthly salary. Generally a LHW is given about 1k houses.

Lady Health Worker (LHW)/Lady Health Visitor (LHV) Eligibility Criteria
Local resident and married are preferred.
Minimum required qualification is just middle standard exam which should be increased.
Minimum required age is 18 years.
DHO appoints the lady health worker after interview and necessary verification.

We suggest that lady health workers should continue their study and they should go Matrc with science subjects and after matriculation they should go for nursing, DHMS or FTJ course for better future in the healthcare field. It should not be your primary source of income. DHMS and FTJ diploma holders should also get the training of LHV.

Required Skills For Lady Health Visitor (LHV)
Candidate must have no criminal record.
Effective verbal communication skills is required in this field.
Candidate must be medically fit.
Good listening skills is also required.
One must have interest in community health and medicine.
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