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Latest Bridal Jewellery Ideas 2024, Video & Urdu, English Tips

Latest Bridal Jewelery Ideas & Tips 2024 in Urdu and English with Video

Always keep in mind that when your jewelery does not look exciting on your wedding day, then you will not look appealing as well. So always wear the most gorgeous jewelery on the special and extremely awaited day of your life. Here you can know about the variations in terms of the latest bridal jewellery trends and ideas. You will get to know more about this category because your ornaments play an important role for all events of your wedding day.


Wedding Jewelery Tips 2024


First we will talk about the utmost exciting trend of wearing mathapatti. Brides love to wear this ornament on their mehndi and baraat days. These days, different designs have come in this mathapatti category. You can have them in different colors, sizes, styles and designs. Keep in mind your forehead size and then choose this ornament accordingly. If you can share your feedback that what kind of mathapatti piece you love to wear and opt, then we will be happy to hear your views and ideas on this section. This is the extremely traditional piece which brings a glow on bride face.


Neck Pieces

Then you should carefully select your neck pieces. Carefully decide that whether you want to have maala neck pieces or you want to wear choker on your wedding day. For all events of your special wedding day, you have to wear and opt for different jewelery trends. Like if on one day, you are wearing a maala neck piece, then on the other day, you can wear a choker piece set for yourself. You can choose a minimal style statement. Even wearing light pieces on wedding days have become a popular trend.


Nath (Nose Pin)

Nath is another exclusive trend which brides love to follow. You can wear nose pins on your wedding day, or you can wear these naths. These piece looks so traditional, classical and ethnic on the brides. All brides carry this trend in a flawless way. Look and search for a great piece when it comes to nath and wear it with grace.


Jewellery for Hands And Feet

Lastly, you should be extremely careful when choosing rings for your hands and feet. Many brides wear pazaibs on their feet, they love wearing different styled bangle. Some of the brides love to fully embellish their hands and feet. Though mehndi and henna application will be there, still they love to wear different kinds of rings and bangles on these special days.



Final Words

So all of these are the latest bridal jewelery trends. If you have any other idea to be shared with us, you can let us know. We have told you about the basic trends, you can bring your own variations in this trend. If you are married then you can share your stories with us that what bridal jewellery pieces you worn on your wedding day. Stay tuned with us and other bridal trends will be shared with you too. Which trend you like the most for brides, share your feedback with us.


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Latest Bridal Jewellery Ideas 2024, Video & Urdu, English Tips


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