Lets talk about some latest inventions in the field of science and technology. In this post we shall introduce you with a new payment method through mobile phone, blade less  fan, stainless steel wallet and single charger for all mobile phones. You can read about all these latest inventions Urdu below this post.

Payments through mobile phones

Scientists have developed a technology through which money transaction would be carried out through mobile phones.UK payment council has decided to cheque system would be abolished till 2018. This technology will replace the existing cheque and credit card system. Its an 100 percent safe and fool proof technology which will revolutionize the money transaction system in the world. Scientists are working hard to introduce this system on commercial basis as soon as possible. According to Professor Bill Raskoi of Oxford university everyone will be able to utilize this technology even without smart phones. Oxford university has also prepared a video to guide the people for the use of this new technology. Special codes will be used to make the transaction safe. This technology will make it sure that payer is connected with the right payee.

Single charger for all mobile phones

European parliament has decided to introduce one charger for all mobiles in Europe. This decision was taken to facilitate the public and to reduce the environmental pollution as every year 51k tons chargers and electronic equipments were dumped. This law will also be helpful for creating liaison between mobile phone companies.

Blade less fan

British company Dyson has introduced a blade less fan. This blade fan is 70 % more quieter than ordinary fans. This an energy saver fan which consume 40 % less power than standard fans. Dyson has named this fan Air Multiplier because Dyson claims that it multiple the power of wind by several times.. Air Multiplier can be used with remote control and it can be programmed to turn off after the pre-set time.. It is easy to clean and child friendly fan. But the prices of these voice and blade less fans are very high  which ranges between 220 pounds to 300 pounds.

Stainless steel wallets
Stainless steel wallets have been introduced in market which are more durable and good looking than leather and ordinary wallets.25 thousand soft stainless steel wires have been used in this wallet and its thickness is less than a paper’s thickness. Its a light weight and soft wallet which has drawn the attention of customers.Keep visiting your favorite website for latest updates about new inventions.

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