Latest Montessori Activities – New Concept in Montessori Training

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A committed montessori teacher try to get maximum knowledge about latest montessori activities. Here i disagree with you as i believe that one should be creative and try to design/invent its own montessori activities. I have attended a one month long workshop on montessori activities. This workshop taught me that we can teach a student with any available object.

Even there is no need of buying any montessori equipment at all. If you have a raper of biscuit,it may also be used to teach many basic concepts to kids like colors, shapes, sizes etc. In fact montessori equipment is very costly and all parents and teachers can not afford to buy it. But do not bother at all and try to be little more creative minded. You can use ordinary things as montessori equipment. There is just need to concentrate on your job. You may also design/create different games/ quizzes and puzzles with ordinary things. If you will provide me any ten common things i will teach more than 100 things with these things to kids. Neither i am superior to you nor you are inferior to anyone. You just need to think out of the box.

 Latest Montessori Activities - New Concept in Montessori Training

 Latest Montessori Activities – New Concept in Montessori Training


Out of the box thinking will make you a genius. I am thinking to start classes about new concepts in Montessori training just to guide teachers that how they can think out of the box. Kindergarten and Montessori techniques are also result of out of the box thinking. So never follow the set rules and never think that you have no resources to teach the in a unique way. Montessori equipment is scattered all around you, just switch on your creative thinking skill. Creative thinking and out of the box thinking are the synonyms. A teacher who loves his/her profession can discover many new techniques to teach the students.

In fact if you do not have creative thinking skill, you can never become a successful teacher as it is a duty of a good teacher to make his/her student creative minded but if you are not able to to think out of the box then how you can guide students in this regard. Creative thinking is the key to success in this world. If you want to become a distinguished teacher/peron then learn this art. This art is not hard to master. Just little bit of concentration is required to master it. But remember that we can not concentrate on any thing for a long time unless we love it. o if you are teacher, take your profession as your passion. In Islam teaching is considered the most sacred profession. Feel the pleasure of guiding others which i am feeling while writing this article.

When i shared my thoughts with a professional guide he offered me to start classes on learning creativity, and Montessori training  with him as it will bring lot of wealth for me, i may accept his offer but in this article i have shared with you all the key points of that proposed course. Kindly read this article again and try to understand my message. If you want to learn some thing exciting every day then visit us  and our facebook page daily.


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