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Latest News About PMC MDCAT & UET Lahore ECAT Entry Tests 2023

Latest News About PMCF MDCAT & UET Lahore ECAT Entry Tests 2023
MDCAT & ECAT are mandatory tests for admission in medical colleges and engineering universities. We shall publish all the  latest news about PMC MDCAT & UET Lahore  ECAT entry tests 2023 on this page. As per media reports private academies are charging heavy fees from students in the name of ECAT & MDCAT preparation classes. Some academies are claiming that they will provide the entry test past papers to the students, who will join these academies for entrance test preparation. Entry test preparation academy has become most profitable business in Pakistan. PMC and UET will conduct the MCAT & ECAT entry tests with in 2 months and these academies are charging 25000 to 30000 rupees for 2 months preparation classes. These academies also claim that they have sure shot guess papers of MDCAT and ECAT.


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Latest News About PMC MDCAT & UET Lahore ECAT Entry Tests 2023


Large number of academies are giving full page advertisements in national newspapers, which shows how they are collecting money. As per UET Lahore and PMC administration it is not possible for any candidate to carry the entry test question paper out of the examination center, still these academies claim that they have past entry test papers and this year 80% questions in MCAT and ECAT entrance test will come from their guess papers and fake past papers. In fact entrance test mafia has its roots very deep in the education authority and no one monitor their illegal activities.



Its a 100 percent wrong myth that students need to join academies for entrance exam preparation. If your concepts are clear then just prepare objective questions and announced syllabus. We have written number of articles to guide students in this regard in our ECAT and MDCAT categories. You must read those article for further guidance. Entrance test its self a nonsense idea, as it is a clear cut proof that our examination system has failed and education department can not develop a uniform examination and marking system.



If government insists to take entrance tests then it should regulate these academies, where professors and lecturers of government colleges are delivering lectures in spite of the fact that being government servant they can not involve in any kind of business. There is no need to join coaching centers for entry test preparation. Government should organize series of special lectures in government colleges for guiding the students about entrance tests and for clearing their basic concepts. We are going to publish free online tests for the preparation of MDCAT and ECAT exams on our new website.



You can read the details about latest news about PMC MDCAT & UET Lahore  ECAT entry tests 2023 in Urdu in the newspaper ad cutting below this post. Stay in touch with us and our facebook page for latest alerts about UET Lahore  ECAT entry test 2023 and PMC Lahore MDCAT entry test 2023.

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