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Latest Pakistani Bridal Dresses Ideas For Rasm e Hina (Mehndi) 2023 (Urdu-English)

Latest Pakistani Wedding Dresses Ideas & Tips For Mehndi Function 2023
Girls love to embellish themselves on the day of their rasm e hina. They feel so excited on their mehndi day. Here you will know about the latest trends regarding the Pakistani bridal dresses when we talk about rasm e hina function. So check out the details that what kinds of dresses you can wear on this day:


Ideas on Latest Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Colorful Anarkali Frocks
Most of the brides, they love to wear anarkali frocks on their mehndi day. This gives them the most traditional look. They design their frocks all embedded with colorful embellishments. Most of the time, the demand of gotta embellished frocks gets the highest.


Short Frocks
You can even wear short frocks fused with churidaar pajamas on this special day. You will look classy if you will opt this trend. Your frock has to be fully decorated. It should be filled with lots of colors and gotta work. These days, we are seeing much and high amount of variation in this trend. If you have decided to wear short or mid length frock, then make it as much classy and elegant as you can.


Short Frocks With Lehnga
Then you can have lehnga pairing with the short frock. You ca go for any sort of trend, it is up to you. The trend in which you are comfortable, you can opt that! You have to choose that dress which looks good on you. If you are choosing this short frock and lehnga trend, then always choose the brightest colors for yourself.


Green Embroidered Kurta With Shalwar
Many girls, they love to wear green embroidered kurtas paired with shalwar. Many brides, they love to keep a simple look on their rasm e hina days.


Long Shirt And Gharara
Then you can have long shirts and ghararas on this special day. This is one of the classical looks which you can opt! Brides love to carry this outfit on their mehndi days. Instead of wearing a gharara, you can have sharara as well.


Floral Lehnga
Then the other option for you, you can go for floral lehnga. Though many brides feel reluctant to wear heavy lehngas on their mehndi days, but this is the latest trend which make you to look further beautiful.


Maxi Or Gown
Brides can even go for maxi and gown trends. Mehndi is the day which gives you full liberty and choice to go for ny kind of outfit. The choice is up to you! But your dress should look colorful and be filled with bright colors and shades. This is the only requirement which is demanded by the mehndi day.


This is all about the latest Pakistan bridal dresses trends which you can follow for these rasm e hina days. Let us know that what kind of outfit you wear on your special day, share the ideas with us that what can be other trends which brides can follow on the special and most awaited days of their lives. Click the link given below for viewing video on Pakistani bridal dresses.


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