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Latest Research about Obesity

Dr Atta Ul Rehman is renowned Pakistani scientist and scholar. He writes columns in daily jang. In his column published on 11th March 2014 he has presented latest researches on obesity. Here for your information we are writing important points from his column. At the end of article we have mentioned treatment of obesity too.

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Latest Discovered Facts About Obesity

Obesity is the root cause of heart problem sugar and many other diseases. According to World health organization almost one third of the word population is victim of this fatal “disease”. Science has discovered many genetic and environmental causes of obesity. It is noticed that it is a genetic disease which is transferred from parents to their children by inheritance. The gene of obesity is called FTO. This gene is discovered recently and 16 percent European people have this gene.

An interesting fact which is discovered by recent research reveals that insomnia is also a cause of obesity. People who don’t take full sleep have more chances to become the victim of obesity. According to a recent survey conducted by an American institute shows Obesity is found more in those people who take less than six hours sleep daily as compare to those people who take six to nine hours sleep daily. Due to insufficient rest the balance of Ghrelin and Leptin hormones is disturbed and  we eat more than our normal routine. These hormones control our hunger. We eat more sweet and delicious things.

Another research shows Adeno virus also causes obesity in kids as well as in adults. This virus slow downs the rate of metabolism in the body. Scientists studied the effects of this virus in hens and other animals. Metabolism burns our calories but when its rate becomes slow due less burning of calories we become fat.

Another compound which is found in toys plastic shopping bags tooth brush and plastic bottles also disturbs our metabolism. This compound is called BPA(Bisphenol).

Many people use artificial sweeteners and diet drinks to avoid obesity but another research indicates that diet  drinks and artificial sweeteners make you more fat. American scientist and researcher Terry Davidson and his team proved by their experiments on rats that due to use of artificial sweeteners and diet drinks our body demands more food. And extra eating brings obesity. They fed the rats with artificial sweetener and noticed that they gained extra weight during this experiment.

Many companies have introduced medicines to control hunger all these medicines are harmful for your health due their side effects. You should eat fibrous food as more energy is need to digest such food and more calories are burnt in this process. A survey which was conducted by University of Tokyo shows that ladies who use hard food(Non fibrous or hard to digest food) have slim waist than the ladies who use soft food(fibrous or easy to digest food).

Charles Mobbs and his research team proved that we can avoid obesity by reducing or minimizing our food. They proved that over eating also causes cancer. Richerd Weindruch made a research on monkeys which shows that the monkeys which were fed with30 percent low calorie diet got more age than others. So over eating reduces our age too. We can conclude that in spite of using drugs or artificial chemical stuff we should control our eating habits and take exercise regularly to avoid obesity.

Homeopathic treatment
Homeopathy has very effective medicines for obesity but these medicines should be taken according to individual symptoms. A general medicine which has no side effect is Phytollaaca berry tablets. You should take four pills four times a day. For any further query you can consult our team of medical experts.
You can read all these facts in Urdu too below this post.


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