Latest Research-Selfie Addicts Are Patients of Inferiority Complex

Slfie has become a craze in youth. Majority of our youth have become selfie addict. But now Psychologists have said that selfie addiction is a psychological and mental disease. Such person do not have self confidence. They are patients of inferiority complex. The people who take selfie for three times in a day and upload theses selfies on social media sites are at the borderline of mental disorder. Who repeat this process more than thrice in day are chronic patients of mental sickness. Doctors say that at present this disease is incurable. But you can overcome this bad habit by acting on the pieces of advice given below.

Selfie has some other side effects too. Bad character persons can use pictures of females for blackmailing and other harmful activities. Selfie addicts are big source of income for mobile phone companies as selfie addicts are also very conscious about camera result and they try to buy every new mobile phone model with better camera result. So they waste their money on this useless activity. We have given an Urdu column below this posts for those ladies who upload their selfie on social media sites. Kindly read it too. Some people change their mobiles so frequently, they also lack confidence. Here i shall want to share another latest research with you. Psychologist has concluded that superiority complex is the worst form of inferiority complex. Its also the last stage of inferiority complex which is really incurable.

Treatment of Slfie Addiction
I think that you can get rid of this complex by changing your mental approach. Every one like admiration but same can be achieved by some positive activities. Students should concentrate on their studies. Self suggestions are also helpful for this purpose. Adults should concentrate on their business/job. Join some gym or health club. Say your prayers regularly. Become member of any social work organization. Try to impress other with your real time achievements rather than beautiful images. Make more friends as solitude is also a cause of many psychological complexes. Consult any qualified psychologist. Our team has also hired the services of a clinical psychologist. You can get free advice from him. You may also read the details in Urdu about selfie addicts are patients of inferiority complex in the newspaper cutting below this post. Visit for latest research alerts and solution of your all problems.

Latest Research – Selfie Addicts Are Patients of Inferiority Complex- Treatment






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