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Latest Unique Trends of 3D Nail Art in Pakistan (Urdu-English)

All About Fashion Trends of 3D Nail Art in Urdu & English Languages
Well every single woman has been fond of performing their hands with some attractive and best designs of the nail art to add them with some charming outlook for others. Nail art designs are categorized into so many different variations and each one of them is completely different from one another. Below we will be highlighting some common types of 3D nail art and how they are completely different from one another.



3D Bridal Nail Art
As we all know that bridal dress is all about the red color and keeping this color in mind a bride will always choose to look for the nail art designs which are also included with the red nail paint color as well. If you are wearing some other color wedding dress then on the basis of your dress color you can add the same color on your nail art as well along with some designs and decorative features on it.



3D Matte Nail Art
This has been another one of the most common styles of the nail art which is a lot common and favorite among the women. This nail art is all about the use of bold color of matter nail color options which you can pick of your own choices. Hence for the base area of your nails you have to choose some bright and bold shades of the nail artwork designs to bring some attraction in it.



3D Mermaid Nail Art
The concept of the mermaid nail art designs is quite a lot similar with the category of matte nail art designs. You have to make the selection of your favorite nail paint color and add it with two different coatings of the nail paint to make it look classy. You can further add it with fish form of mermaid styles of decorative designs on top of your nails to look attractive.



3D Lace Nail Art
For the daytime functions or the meetings, the use of 3D lace nail art designs is one of the most favorite among the women. In order to perform this nail art on your nails, you have to first of all make the selection of base color for your nails. As you are done with the base coating, you have to add the nails with some other finishing of the nail paint which will bring the effect of the 3D lace nail artwork. This effect of two coloration will bring some extra charm and outlook attractiveness in the whole nail artwork.



3D Glossy Nail Art
Lastly we have 3D glossy nail art which is getting extremely famous among the women for the night time parties. This nail art has the 3D effect in it which is added with the shimmering touch of some glossy effect as well. You have to add the base with some light color and bring the top coating with some bright bold shade of nail polish. Now read the details in Urdu about new trends of 3D nail art in Pakistan.


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Latest Unique Trends of 3D Nail Art in Pakistan (Urdu-English)

Latest Unique Trends of 3D Nail Art in Pakistan 2021 (Urdu-English)