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Latest Update About Punjab Govt Scooty Scheme For Girl Students

Breaking News About CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif Scooty Scheme For Female Students of Punjab 
Chief  Minister Shahbaz Sharif  was considering to launch Punjab government scooty scheme for girl students. It was reported in newspapers that Scoties will be distributed among talented  female students of Punjab on merit basis. Battery operated scooties can be charged easily, but fundamentalist elements in the society were opposing this scheme. Due to which now Punjab government is not launching this scheme. Is this a gender discrimination or not? Certainly we have a clear cut point of view about it. But what is your opinion about it? Do the girls have right to get this reward or not.



Pink bus service has already been closed. Now girl students are unable to to reach their educational institutions easily in time. At one side government is committed to fight against extremism and on other side females are being discriminated. Nobody is saying that females should drive a scooty, but do they not have right to receive a reward for their good performance. Is this not a gender discrimination? Girl students are performing well in all the disciplines. They have left behind the boys in every field, that’s why they deserve some extra reward for their best performance. We should not be so much narrow minded.


Latest Update About Punjab Govt Scooty Scheme For Girl Students 2018


Latest Update About Punjab Govt Scooty Scheme For Girl Students

I saw a strange image on a website which we have published on this page too. According to this image scooty scheme should be launched if Maryam Nawaz drives the scooty in public. Does an ordinary girl student is financially equal to Maryam Nawaz? Can she not sell the scooty in market for meeting her daily needs? Who can make such persons understand that when the females are performing so extraordinarily then why they do not deserve some special acknowledgement, Do we live is Afghanistan or Somalia. If yes then we should also impose ban of women drivers? I too belong to a traditional middle class family and will not like to see my daughter driving a scooty on a public place, but does my daughter does not have right to get a prize for her good performance. Will it not boost her confidence. Does she has not right to live with a pride in a men’s dominated society. I am nothing demanding special for may daughters, but they must be given at least what they deserve. At least provide them safe and secure transportation facility.



Already HEC has make it compulsory for students to show their laptops at the the time of receiving their their degrees. Are the students slaves of HEC? Are the laptops being distributed as charity? Would these laptops remain the property of HEC for ever? Why a student can not sell his laptop which he got on merit? Who is giving such a “wonderful” advice to HEC. We request to government to restore the pink bus service at least. Please treat the females as equal citizens. I am not insisting at all for launching this scheme, but talented girl students must be given some special reward for their extraordinary performance. There is also need of providing special and safe transportation facility to females. Stay in touch with with your brother’s website for latest breaking news about Punjab govt scooty scheme for girl students.



Note– Now it seems that Punjab government has changed its policy because a newspaper report shows that scooty scheme will be launched in 2020.

Breaking News About Punjab Govt Scooty Scheme For Females 2018




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