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Learn Chinese, English & French Languages With Fun-Top 10 Websites

Top Ten Portals For Learning Foreign Languages with Fun (Chinese, English, Spanish, French etc)
If you are interested in learning the varied set and bunch of foreign languages then here you are. We are going to tell you about the top ten sites and by using these websites, you will come to know that how much easy it is to learn any of the foreign and international language. These sites mostly focus on learning the English, Chinese and French languages as they are more and widely spoken.

1. Lingo Kids
This website is made by the Oxford University and this is a great website for kids. It has so many informative and knowledge related games in it which will let your kids to learn foreign languages in less time.

2. Lingo Learning
For students, if they are interested in learning the foreign languages, then this is a great site to be used. This is a highly recommended site and students love using it whenever they develop a desire of learning foreign language.

3. Duolingo
This is a free of cost app which is quite popular these days. This app will really help you in learning the basics of English. If your English basics are weak, then start using this app.

4. Lingo Bus
By using this site, you will be able to learn Chinese language. This is one of the best sites for learning this Chinese language, feel free to use and become master in speaking Chinese.

5. Dino Lingo
Though this great platform, you will not only learn foreign languages but you will be able to understand their psyche as well.

6. Lingobros
To learn French is no longer a tough task, this great site is here for you and with the help it, you can fluently speak French.

7. Online Lingo
This website will make you extremely proficient in terms of learning English language.

8. The Lingo Club
Then we have the Lingo club for you, here you will interact with the professional teachers and they will make it easy for you to learn and become used to speaking foreign speeches.

9. Learn 365
On the second last spot, we have another great website for you and it is Learn 365. This great and exceptionally recommended platform is used by million number of students on a daily basis.

10. ESL Lingo And Kindergarten Lingo
Lastly, it is ESL lingo and Kindergarten Lingo, both of them are separate sites. The Kindergarten Lingo site is extremely and highly used by the kids.

These are the total ten websites which you can try if you wish to learn and become the master of speaking foreign languages. We are sure that by using these sites, learning any strange and unknown language will no longer be difficult for you. If you have any one of these websites then share your learning experience with us. We will update this website list for you so keep tuned and connected with us.

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Learn Chinese, English & French Languages With Fun-Top 10 Websites

Learn Chinese, English & French Languages With Fun-Top 10 Websites