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Learn Essay Writing Skills In just 5 Minutes

How To Learn English Essay Writing Skills in Just Five Minutes? Super Tips
If you want to learn essay writing skills in just 5 minutes then now you are at the right place as being a lecturer of English i can guide you about essay writing skills in just five minutes. Basically this articles has been written just for those students who are weak in English. Slow learners who don’t have creative essay writing skills must first try to learn essay writing skills. We have written a detailed article on creative writing. Meanwhile act upon the instructions given in this post for learning the general essay writing skills in just five minutes.

Learn Essay Writing Skills In just 5 Minutes

Learn Essay Writing Skills In just 5 Minutes

Generally SSC to graduation level students have to learn by heart 20 to 40 essays for getting good marks in English B paper. You can easily reduce this quantity from 10 to 20 by writing one essay for many topics. For example you can prepare one essay for different similar topics e.g
1-One essay on all science related topics
2-One essay on all women related topics
3-One essay for scene at bus station and scene at railway station and even airport
4-One essay on all press related topics
5-One essay for all matches
6-On all common men
7-Journey by bus or train
8-My last day at school or college
9-My hobby, ambition in life
10-Any general personality
11-Any Hero in history
12-Girl & boy guide
13-Urban or rural life
14-All kinds of modern media
15-All virtue
16-Ideal student, judge engineer, citizen, doctor etc
17-All social evils
18-Kashmir & Palestine issues
19-Any festival
20-Afghan & Iraq situation
21-Any international body
22-Pakistan’s relation with any country of the world
These are just few examples. You may prepare common essays on many similar topics. Just read essays on related topics and chose the similar points, if you don’t have creative writing skill then just chose the similar lines in different related articles, which can be used in all related topics and collect them. Your unique essay for many identical topics is ready.

My many students have successfully used this technique even in public service commission’s exams like CSS. PMS and PCS. If you are a English teacher then revise your essays every year as per the changing circumstances. Its a technique only for those students who have good common sense. I know that common sense is the most uncommon and rare thing in our world that’s why i am going to publish my own book on essay writing skills.

If any one of you don’t have time or ability to do this task even then you don’t need to bother, as i am going to share my work with don’t ignore slow learners and academically weak students at all. I am going to provide my work of 25 years to, as i think that it is the number one educational website in Pakistan which is really serving the students. can publish my work on its any sister educational website. I also have great stuff on active voice – passive voice, story writing, report writing, application and letter writing, which inshaa Allah i will share my ideal educational website of Pakistan.

Here i want to make it clear that tips about essay writing skills given on this page are not for those students who want to excel in life. These tips are just for slow learners and academically weak students only. I am also going to write detailed article on creative essay writing skills. If you want to learn all aspects of essay writing skills then stay in touch with and its facebook page.

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