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Learn Reiki Healing in 5 Minutes – Super Tips & New Research

 Become Reiki Master in 5 Minutes- Super Tips & Reality  
Reiki is a Japanese healing technique. Reilki masters claim that they transmit the positive energy from their bodies into the bodies of patients through touch, which activate the vital force of patient to fight against diseases. In fact Reiki healing works but the philosophy of Reiki treatment presented by Reiki masters is 100% wrong. Reiki healing is basically a mind science. Any one of you who have confidence on his healing ability can become a Reiki master without any training. When you will start visualizing that you can heal others on that very moment your healing power will start developing. There is even no need of touch in it.

Learn Reiki Healing in 5 Minutes - Super Tips & New Research


Learn Reiki Healing in 5 Minutes – Super Tips & New Research


You just need to make your subconscious mind believe that you have healing energy or power. Give self suggestions to your subconscious mind that you have become a healer. Do this exercise at least once in day for 10 minutes in a calm atmosphere. Visualize for 10 minutes twice daily that you are treating the patients with your healing power. Start from treating your friends and relatives. When you will get confidence on your healing power then you may also start treating the people. Remember that its the game of your belief when ever you confidence will shattered due any failure, you must not take any serious notice of it. I will explain the reason in the net paragraph.

Why Does Reiki Treatment Fail On Some Occasions
As i have explained earlier that Reiki treatment is a mind science or a ordinary expression of mind power, so when you treat a person who do not believe in Reiki treatment and his believe is stronger than your believe then you will fail to treat him. So it is recommended to treat only those people, who believe in your healing power. After some successful experiences your belief will boost up and you will be able to treat the maximum number of people.

When ever a patient comes to you just imagine with full concentration and belief that healing waves are entering from your body to patient’s body. Then ask the patient to give his auto suggestions to his mind that he has recovered from his disease at least for five minutes twice in day. Never demand money for treating the people. Never ask them to discontinue their medical treatment.

Reiki masters all over the world are just looting the people. There is no need of paying huge amount of money to them for treatment or learning the Reiki techniques. If you do not believe me then start giving self suggestions to your subconscious mind about your any personal medical problem, and visualize daily that you have recovered from your disease. With in 1 to 2 weeks you will see observe great recovery. Its a litmus test but do it with full concentration and belief on your powers of mind. Muslim Reiki master used to recite the Holy Quran daily, it increases their confidence on their healing touch. Prof Fazal Karim is grand Muslim Reiki master in Pakistan, who treat people 100% free even on phone. I saw his interview on Royal TV last year then contacted him. Soon he will also write posts on our website. Visit us daily for reading latest research articles on different healing techniques.

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