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Learn Spiritual Healing With Qamar Iqbal Sufi Video & List of Books

Qamar Iqbal Sufi Great Spiritual Healer of 21st Century
Although Qamar Iqbal Sufi is residing in Holland but basically he belongs to Pakistan. He is the one of the greatest Islamic spiritual writers of 21st century. I read his first book in 2003. Last year fortunately i met him in Lahore and found that he is really a great spiritual leader of modern era who can explain the spiritual realities in the light of modern science. He is really a son of centuries. I have read the books of almost all sufis of 21st century like Professor Ahmad Rafiq Akhtar, Qudrat Ullah Shahab, Ishfaq Ahmad, Sarfaraz Ahmad, Prof M Abdullah Bhatti, Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Chugtai, Wasif Ali Wasif, Shamus ud din Azeemi and Baba Yahya but nobody impressed me like Qamar Iqbal Sufi. He is really a living legend.





Ruhaniyat, Danish oar Haqiqaten is his best selling book. But he has also written many other mind blowing books like Asrar e palmistry, Ruhaniyat oar Shaur e Zindagi, Ruhani Quwat oar Danish e Insani, Israr e Ruhaniyat Oar Kamyab Zindagi and many other small booklets. If you really want to know the science behind the spiritual healing and spiritualism then read his books. Also like his his group namely Qamar Iqbal Sufi Foundation on facebook and his personal facebook id. 0308-5751575 is his mobile number.



Spiritualism was considered a difficult field for a common man but Qamar Iqbal Sufi has made it easy as ABC. He believes that a human being can get every thing in life if he programs his mind. By reading his books sometimes you will feel that is also a great psychologist and philosopher. He is too a spiritual healer. If you want to learn spiritualism or spiritual healing then read his books which are unique in nature. Soon his books will be available in English too. After reading his books i was thinking that how i can pay tribute to him. Now i have decided to write a article on him for this purpose.



Books Written by Qamar Iqbal Sufi



Although he is residing in Holland but you can contact him through his facebook id for knowing the schedule of his arrival in Pakistan. Now days he is in Pakistan. Inspite of a renowned spiritual leader he is so humble and down to earth in nature that he accepted my request of meeting without any prior introduction. So contact him without any hesitation but for learning spiritual healing. He is going to launch a magazine on spiritual healing to guide the beginners in this field.



Those who are interested in Islamic spiritualism and want to know that what are those skills required to become a Spiritual healer must read Qamar Iqbal Sufi’s book Ruhaniyat, danish aur haqiqaten. Soon he will deliver monthly free lectures in Lahore. On this page you can view is interview too. His detailed interviews and lectures which he delivered on PTV and other channels are available on You can download his book Islam oar Rohaniat from free of cost. His Email address is



Learn Spiritual Healing With Qamar Iqbal Sufi Video & List of Books


Learn Spiritual Healing With Qamar Iqbal Sufi Video & List of Books