Learn The Basics of Investing – 20 Super Tips

Best Investing Rules
If you want to learn the basics of investing then now you have landed on a website which publish investing basics tips. Its our first article on basics of investing. But soon we shall publish more helpful articles on basics of investing. Investing was considered an art in past but now it has become a science. We will continue to publish articles on investing rules. Here are some basic investing tips and rules.

20 Super Tips About Safe Investing
1-A job can never make you a rich person. Employed persons should start a side business.

2-Try to avoid investing your parent’s savings in business. Start business with our own income and saving. It will increase your self confidence. Get the confidence of a self made person.

3-You must think daily about new ideas about investing your money. Remember that new and creative ideas are the keys of success.

4-Saving can not make you a rich person. Emphasize more on earning money rather then on savings. You can not name a single person who became billionaire just because of his savings.

5-Improve your writing skill because as per Javeed Ch (The most popular column writer in Pakistan) writing improves your thinking and mind power. A person with strong thinking power can never remain poor in life.

6-Never invest large part of your saving in business. Your savings increase your confidence which is the most important thing in life for becoming successful in any field of life. You must have seen many people in life, who have invested their all money in business and in case of recession or any crisis they fail to handle the situation. So invest intelligently.

7-Try to enter in a business where you will not have to face tough competition. Chose a business in which you can establish your monopoly.

8-You will not believe that taking full sleep and proper exercise is also a form of investment.


Learn The Basics of Investing - 20 Super Tips

Learn The Basics of Investing – 20 Super Tips

9-You can not sell sand in a desert,so never neglect the demand and supply rule.

10-Do not ignore the importance of quality assurance  and marketing. Do not try to  save money in both these sectors.

11- Trust on yourself by recognizing your self worth. Take advice from other but final decision should be your own. Your mind is your best friend rely more on it rather than any one else.

12-Do not enter in a filed about which you do not have experience at least in the early stage of your career.

13-Spend at least 5 percent of your income on social work. Believe me it will not be the wasted money.

14-Daily imagine with full confidence that you are becoming a more richer man than before.

15-Never invest your whole money in a single business.  You must  invest in different sectors so that in case of  temporary economic decline in any business, your total investment should not be on stake.

16-Investing in a new sector is like a gambling. So if you do not have enough reserves then avoid this practice.

17-Investing in property, food and grocery items is considered safe investment.

18-Avoid investing without viewing a feasibility report prepared by the experts.

19- If you can not take risks or bear losses then do avoid investing in a new sector.But try to learn the art of taking calculated risks. Profit and loss both are the part of business.

20-Lst but not least if you really want to learn the time tested investing rules then visit our website frequently. By the grace of Almighty ALLAH we assure you that in your each visit your will find some thing very excited and useful on our website. If you have any doubt in mind about our claim then visit our article category.

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