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Learn The Best Meditation Techniques In 5 Minutes

Learn The Basics of Meditation in 5 minutes
Meditation is a practice in which we try to train our mind for any specific purpose. In this article i shall try to guide you about the best meditation techniques. You can bring many positive changes in your life through these meditation techniques. Almost all the great philosophers and religious leader used to meditate. Meditation is a technique to connect with your subconscious mind. Self meditation is very popular now days. Yoga is considered as a best mean of meditation but i do not agree with argument at all. Yoga has many flaws in it. Now a days it has become a source of earning money only. Different religions have introduced different meditation techniques. But in this article we shall discuss some easy techniques which any one can use.

Top 3 Meditation Techniques 

Visualization is the best meditation technique. Sit in a sound proof room, close your eyes and visualize your self working at the position where you want to reach, order others and create a full scene. Do this exercise at least for ten minutes, once in early in the morning and once before going to bed. You must have no doubt in your mind that you are just visualizing a scene and you do not have ability to achieve your goal. It is the key element as meditation is a method of training your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind can do wonders for you if you will give him confidence that you have ability to do any thing. It can trigger your abilities.

Learn The Best Meditation Techniques In 5 Minutes

Learn The Best Meditation Techniques In 5 Minutes

2-Auto Suggestions
Just like visualization give your subconscious mind self suggestions about your aims. You should be in relax state of mind and with full confidence repeat the suggestions like
I have ability to clear the exam
I can fight against any disease easily. No disease can harm me.
I can earn 1 million rupees in a month.
I am improving day by day in all respects.
No one can defeat me in any field as i am son of centuries.
It is suggested for you to add “By the grace of Almighty Allah” before these sentences.
Concentration and firm belief on your God gifted abilities is also required. For improving your concentration level you should watch the flames of candle for 5 minutes daily.

3-Breathing Exercise
Take full breathe and try to hold it for as mush time as you can Then let the air go out slowly. Repeat this exercise for as much time as you can daily before going to sleep. Do this exercise on bed in a relaxed mood. This exercise will increase your concentration power.

Meditation in Islam
Muslims should offer their prayers regularly as there is not a single method in the world for giving you self confidence than Islamic prayer but not the prayer which you offer daily. You must know the meanings of words which you are reciting. Believe form the core of your heart that Almighty Allah is listening to your prayers and he will grant you what you want. Recite the Holy Quran daily and try to understand its meaning and follow the given instructions. Repeat the one name of Almighty Allah daily even during your daily work but you must understand the meaning of these names and do this with full confidence on Almighty Allah. Muslims defeated the whole world with the power of their belief on Almighty Allah. You people must rely on Almighty Allah and try to follow his instructions given in Holly Quran. After that follow the above given instructions and feel the great change in your life. Visit for reading articles on Reiki, Yoga,  Feng Shui, spiritual healing and meditation.