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Learn to Paint-Top 10 Painting Tips & Techniques (Urdu-English)

Learn to Paint – Top Ten Painting Tips & Tricks in Urdu and English Languages
There can be many in number of painting tips and techniques. If you want to become a painter, then first you have to always think out of the box. You have to be constantly creative. Here we have painting learning tips for you. By following these learn to paint tips, you can enhance your painting skills:



Learn To Paint With Best Painting Techniques

Practice a Lot
To become a painter, you have to practice a lot. You should know that what kind of pieces and artwork you can better and perfectly paint. Know your specialty and become perfect in that. You should paint day and night, in this way you will become closer to this job and profession.



Know How of Colors
Any painter should have complete know how of colors. He should know which color fusion process makes what kind of colors. You should have knowledge that what color can come out by mixing two to three colors.



Keep Up The Quality Work
To be perfect in your painting job, you have to keep up the quality work. Always show perfection in your painted pieces. Something extraordinary feel should come out from your work.



Keep on Observing Your Fellow Artist Work Pieces
You should also observe your fellow colleague work pieces. In this way, you will get to know that what set you apart from them. You will get an idea by looking at their painted pieces that how your work is different from the other artists.



Get Guidance from Senior Mentors
Any junior and beginner painter should be getting guidance from senior mentors. Live under their guidance. Keep on getting guidance from them. You will learn a lot from senior painters. Look at their painted pieces and see what is so special about them.



Give a New Direction to Your Art Piece
Your painted work should show a different direction to the observer. It means that your work should not look random and same. It has to look unique.



Learn About The Techniques of Making Strokes
Any professional painter, he should possess every single knowledge about making strokes. Like he should know how to make an upward stroke or a downward stroke.



Start Painting on Your Own
It is from your inner self that you will take an inspiration to start to paint. Just get inspired on your own, hold a brush and start painting. Play with colors and make amazing color combinations. Paint the way you want to and do not copy others. You have to set your own painting style. Come up with different themes and paint them.



Avoid Becoming a Traditional Painter
If you will become a traditional painter, then you will never become successful in this field. Your identity and personality has to look unique and creative. You work has to look always creative.



Traditional painters are not much valued in the present world. So present your work in a creative way and people will then love it.
Let us know if you love to paint or not, to what extent you look at this profession, share your feedback with us. Now read Urdu post on learn to paint.



Learn to Paint – Top 10 Painting Tips & Techniques (Urdu-English)



Learn to Paint- Top 10 Painting Tips & Techniques (Urdu-English)