Lecturer Jobs 2022 in Pakistan-Super Tips, Career, Scope, Eligibility & Guidance

Lecturer Jobs 2022 in Pakistan Р20 Golden Tips, Career, Scope, Eligibility Criteria & Guidelines
Lecturer is a respectable job. Generally master degree holders are given lecturer jobs, but now Punjab University and some other higher education institutes have decided to recruit just MPhil or MS degree holders for the post of university lecturer. Lecturers are given 17 grade in colleges and 18th grade in universities of Pakistan. Universities recruit lecturers under basic pay scale (BPS) and tenure track system (TTS). Public service commissions conducts the recruitment tests and interviews for the college lecturer jobs. Every year thousands of lecturer jobs in Pakistan are advertised both in public and private sector higher education institutes. Lectureship is an ideal profession for females in Pakistan as they have to work in women colleges only.


Lecturer Jobs in Pakistan - Super Tips, Career, Scope, Eligibility & Guidance

Lecturer Jobs 2022 in Pakistan – Super Tips, Career, Scope, Eligibility & Guidance


My father is also a professor of 20 grade and i know that how much money a lecturer can earn. All famous academies in Pakistan are being run by lecturers and professors. Even publishers offer heavy royalty to lecturers for writing key books. Many lecturers are running their own publishing houses and private colleges too. Influential lecturers even join bureaucracy on deputation. Academes and private colleges are money making machines. Fortunately my father is against tuition system and he used to deliver extra lectures to weak students. Due to his sincerity for his students, we are enjoying a dream life as students of my great father are working in all fields of life. His students are in police force, army, IB, ISI, anti corruption department, health department, income tax department, press and judiciary. They respect my father a lot and help us in case of any crisis.



Power conscious students thinks that a lectureship is authority and power less job. They are absolutely wrong as my own great father has proven this theory wrong. His students are his power base, but you will have to be sincere with your profession and students so that they consider you as their spiritual father. Members of tuition mafia can earn unlimited money but zero respect from their students, so dear choice is yours.



Super Tips & Tricks About Lecturer Jobs 2022 in Pakistan 
1-Try to get at least MS/MPhil level degree in your field.

2-Try to publish your papers in research journals.

3-Always apply under both basic pay scale (BPS) and tenure track system (TTS) for the university lecturer jobs.

4-Your communication skills must be excellent as in interview stage your confidence level and specially verbal communication skills are checked.

5-Generally just MCQ type questions are asked about your field of studies in written test of public service commission.



6-Majority of students buy just one MCQ type book for preparation of written test for lecturer jobs. Its a wrong strategy as you need to cover your all syllabus of Master.

7-you must have full command on your Master subject so try to revise whole syllabus of MA/MSc/MS/MPhil.

8-Your concepts about all important topics and questions should be clear. Clarity of concepts will also help you a lot in interview stage.

9-My class fellow was an introvert person and in spite of getting above 80% marks in written test of PPSC, he failed in interview, so remember that special preparation and practice for interview is very important. I will suggest you that you must start teaching immediately after your master in private college or coaching center. It will develop your confidence level and remember that teaching also clears our concepts and we never forget what we teach others.

10-Now a days private colleges also offer very handsome salary to lecturers, you may also take this option too seriously.



11-Remember that written test for lectureship is much easier than PMS. PCS and CSS written papers as you just need to prepare just one subject. Aspirants of PMS, CSS and PCS exams should apply for lecturer jobs and lecturers should apply for competitive exams,

12-If you want to excel in your field then go for MS/MPhil or PhD even after winning lectureship job. HEC and many foreign agencies offer PhD scholarships to lecturers, you must avail these opportunities.

13-You must have good command over English language as medium of instruction in majority of our colleges and universities is English.

14-Universities take their departmental recruitment tests. For such tests you must also improve your general knowledge about current affairs, Pakistan studies, science, IT, Mathematics and Islam that’s why suggest that you must also appear in competitive exams to improve your general knowledge and to try your luck. Here you have to appear in subjective written test too. Some universities takes the decision on the basis of aptitude test and interview.

15-you should have complete information about department and post functions for which you have applied.



16-If you want to join teaching line then try to get professional degrees in Education like BEd or MEd.

17-Don’t waste your time and money in academies for preparation of written test and interview for lecturer jobs. Consult our team for free guidance and career counseling.

18- Visit our interview category for guidance in English and Urdu languages about job interview preparation.

19-You must also apply for jobs in international colleges and universities. My father sent applications to Universities of Nigeria and Saudi Arabia and got job offers from both these countries. He served as professor in King Saud University Riyadh for four years. Apply for SSC, educator and headmaster posts too as experienced teacher are preferred for lecturer jobs too.

20-Last but not least visit studysolutions.pk and its facdbook page for reading best career counseling articles on all professions.


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