Let’s Meet Microsoft Windows 10

Specifications of  Microsoft Windows 10  in Urdu & English
Microsoft has release the initial information about its new operating system Windows 10. It will replace the windows 8 which failed to get expected popularity among users. Microsoft has skipped windows 9 because company claims that new operating system is a giant jump. First time in the history of web users will be able to download this new OS directly from internet. Microsoft has again included the start menu in Windows 10 which was removed from the initial version of 8. Start menu will be customizable it means that you will be able to resize the tiles an change their location and size too. This OS has been designed in such a way that both the users of 7 and 8 will not feel an unfamiliar atmosphere while using new OS. User can easily get the latest updates released by different applications about weather forecast, facebook messages and emails.

It is expected that this new system will attract the large number of internet users specially the business community. At present windows 8 is being used in just 13% computers. 50% PCs are using 8 an 23% are using XP. Desktop user companies are still preferring 7 while general users XP. There is a vacuum in the world of operating systems and now every one is looking for either Windows 10 will be able to fill this vacuum or not.

Its the testing time for Microsoft and its technical developer team if they fail to fill this vacuum then i have no doubt in my mind that some one else will fill it, as its the law of nature. Has Microsoft passed its peak time or little bit creativity is still there in the minds of its developers. I admit that MS has a monopoly in the field of operating systems but yahoo had too enjoyed this kind of monopoly few years earlier but now Google has replaced it. Lets hope that Windows 10 will be much better than its previous version. You can read the details about “Let’s Meet Microsoft Windows 10” in Urdu in the newspaper ad cutting below this page, Stay in touch with us for latest technology alerts.

Let’s Meet Microsoft Windows 10

Let's Meet Microsoft Windows 10

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